New 360 Product Photography Software Output Capabilities

360 Product Photography Software Output

Iconasys, the worldwide leader in 360 photography turntables, software and solutions, continues to pave the way in the 360 product photography industry by adding additional 360 output options and functionality within its 360 Product Photography Software. Up to this point, Iconasys offered 360 product photography output in interactive HTML5 format – which has since become an industry standard. While 360 product views in HTML5 have proven to be a great visual merchandising tool for eCommerce businesses who sell direct through their own eCommerce sites, they do poses issues when looking beyond on-site selling. ‘Some marketplaces have yet to allow customers to upload 360 product views in HTML5’ states Michael Atman, founder of Iconasys. He continues, ‘Embedding HTML5 360 product views in social media has also posed a challenge. We explored all selling & social channels being used by our customers and decided to deliver 360 output options that would work in any medium.’

Iconasys 360 Product Photography Software updates are being rolled out today with the support for additional 360 output that is aimed to cover all selling and social media channels. In addition to the standard HTML5 output, new 360 output include:

  • 360 Interactive MP4: A breakthrough in 360 product view output. Interactive MP4 360 product views support all features and functionality of the standard HTML5 output (click and drag mouse control / zoom in/out) however are able to use MP4 video compression to deliver output files that are about 1/10th the size. This is very important when considering 360 product view load times.
  • 360 Animated GIF: Output a stand-alone 360 GIF file that can easily be uploaded into social media channels.
  • Standard MP4 Video: Output a standard video file in MP4 format. Amazon has started to allow sellers to upload video files into their product listings.

The newest output options are available in both the Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software and the stand-alone 360 Product View Creator Software. Additional functionality includes the ability to create multi-row 360 views (3D product views), deep zoom and add custom hotspots in 360 Product Views to better communicate and highlight specific product features. Hotspots can link to text, image, video, hyperlinks and custom JavaScript (see 360 product photography example).

Founded in 2014, Iconasys delivers product photography automation tools that enable users of any skill level to create high quality still and 360 product images fast and efficiently.

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