360 Product View Creator Software: How it Works

The Iconasys 360 Product View Creator Software, is the fastest, easiest and most professional software for composing, editing, customizing and publishing 360 product views. The software is designed for users of any skill level, from first time to professional photographer, who are simply looking to compose a 360 product image set into a web and mobile friendly 360 product view.

Create Fully Customized 360 Product Views

No other 360 product view publishing software offers the level of software features, customization and functionality included Iconasys 360 Product View Creator Software. Simply import a 360 image set (JPG or PNG format) into the software to get started. After images have been imported, users can then start customizing the look and feel of the 360 product view based on preference and unique requirements. Customization includes player type, player button style, button color, button position, what buttons to include/omit (even upload your own custom set of buttons), spin direction, spin rate, size, watermark (optional), mouse control sensitivity and in the case of 3D multi-row product views – how many rows of images (vertical).

Simplified 360 Product View Creation Workflows

After 360 degree product view software settings have been set, these will be retained in the software so moving forward, creating 360 product views can be done in just seconds. Users also have the ability to add additional functionality to their 360 product views such as deep zoom in/out, interactive hotspots (ex. link to an image, text, video, hyperlink etc..), Google Analytics® tracking and more. The Iconasys 360 Product View Creator software offers the most dynamic 360 output with formats including Interactive HTML5, Interactive MP4, 360 Animated GIF and Standard MP4 video – options perfect for all eCommerce platforms, marketplaces and social media channels. The 360 View Creator is available for both Mac OSX And Windows (view specifications).

Note, Iconasys offers additional 360 Product Photography Software with enhanced functionality such as automated 360 image capture and batch 360 image editing. Learn more about all 360 Product Photography Software options from Iconasys.

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How to Compose, Customize, Create & Publish a 360 Product View

The Iconasys 360 Degree Product View Creator Software is user friendly and does not require any product photography knowledge or skill. The general workflow is highlighted below. For a video highlighting workflow with explanation, please see the video at the top of this page.

360 Product View Creator Software: How it Works 001

 Step 1: Import 360 Product Image Set

Users will first import a 360 product image set into the software. The image set can be from 1 up to 10,000 individual frames and can be in etiher JPG or PNG format. The images will import in order of filename however can be sorted using other methods (using the RegEX feature if need be). After images have been imported they will be automatically populated to create the 360 degree product view – of which will be shown in the 360 view preview window.

Step 2: Customize 360 Product View

The next step in the process is to start with customizing the 360 degree product view. Note, any customizations made will be retained in the software so they can be easily used/replicated when creating 360 product views in the future. Buttons are available in 9 different colors/styles and users can also upload their own buttons into the software (we provide a button design template in which you can customize).

In this example, we will first start with customizing the Player UI. That is the button style, color, button position and which buttons to include or omit. We will choose the black player button option and include all buttons in the output. For button location we will adjust these: Play/Pause and Zoom buttons in bottom left corner, Left and right arrows in bottom right corner and the Full Screen button in top right corner.

Step 3: Customization Continued

If required, users can further customize their 360 product views. Additional functionality includes:

  • Player Control: Includes zoom level, click and drag direction (ideal for counter clockwise 360 spins), click and drag sensitivity (for both horizontal and vertical movements (vertical in the case of multi-row 360/3D product views) and the option to enable mouse wheel zooming.
  • Player Rotation Options: Users have the ability to define how the 360 degree product will play. Options include:
    • Continuous Auto Play: Sets the 360 view in continuous spin until user interacts with the 360 view – then will stop). Users click and drag using mouse, adjust frame by frame using left and right arrows and  start auto play again by clicking the Play button.
  • Rotate Just Once: Upon loading, the 360 view will complete one full 360 rotation then stop. Viewer can then interact with the file (click and drag mouse control), adjust frame by frame (with left/right arrow options) and/or click Play button to complete another full 360 rotation.
  • Start Rotation in Reverse Direction: This can be used with any rotation type and will simply reverse the 360 spin direction (ex. from clockwise to counter clockwise).
  • Bounce Rotation: Commonly used for 180-degree product views, this option will reverse the rotation after showing the last frame in the images set (ex. bounce back and forth in clockwise then counter clockwise manner).
  • Video Bitrate: Adjust quality of Interactive MP4 and Standard MP4 Video output.

Users will also have the ability to add:

  • Google Analytics® Tracking: Insert Google Analytics tracking code into the 360 output to measure the effetivness of 360 product views (ex. measure click rate on 360 product views and effectiveness on increasing conversion rates)
  • Watermark: Add your own custom logo or watermark to the 360 product view for further branding and security. Simply upload a PNG image, choose location on the 360 view and it will apply it to the 360 product view output. A hyperlink can also be added to the watermark.

 Step 4: Adding Hotspots

Now that the 360 product view player style, features and functionality has been customized, users have the ability to add Hotspots to their 360 degree product views. Hotspots add an additional level of functionality to further enhance visual communication. Hotspots can be added to a single or set of frames and is very straight forward using the built in Hotspot Editor. Hotspot options include:

  • Image Hotspot: ex. 360 view of a shoe, add hotspot on top and bottom of shoe that link to a single image of a top down and sole view)
  • Text Hotspot: ex. add additional text information that will be displayed when viewer clicks on hotpot)
  • Hyperlink to Video Hotspot: ex. link a hotspot to a hosted video link that discusses the product)
  • Hyperlink to URL Hotspot: ex. link to a buy now page)
  • Custom JavaScript Hotspot: ex. call a custom javascript function)

 Step 5: 360 Product View Publishing

Now that you have completed customization of your 360 product view, it is ready for publishing. Output options include:

  • 360 View Output Format:
    • Interactive HTML5
    • Interactive MP4
    • 360 Animated GIF
    • Standard MP4 Video
  • Output Location
    • Output locally: output the 360 product view locally to a local or networked folder or to a file sharing service (ex. Dropbox). The local output can then be shared and/or uploaded directly to your own server for hosting and embedding into your website.
    • Output to the Iconasys Stream Server: Upload your 360 product views directly to the Iconasys Stream server. 360 views sent to the Iconasys server are instantly hosted within seconds and users will recieve a link to the hosted 360 view that can easily be embedded directly into your website and/or shared amongst clients and customers.
    • Output both locally and to the Iconasys Stream Server

The Iconasys 360 Degree Product View Creator Software is a one-time purchase that will allow users to create infinite 360 product views that are completely unbranded (no Iconasys logo or info in the 360 output). There is no recurring mandatory monthly or yearly fees required and all purchases include free technical support.

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