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Quality Control photography is critical at all stages in the manufacturing process. It is often expensive as employees spend too much time and effort capturing images at various stages throughout the manufacturing process. It is not a task that can be overlooked as the value of high-grade Quality Control photography can be tenfold in the event of a quality issue. Whether the on-site photographer is being bothered by engineers to capture an image or two, or if it is the engineer responsible for capturing images, Iconasys offers solutions that will streamline the Quality Control photography process. Save countless man-hours and wasted effort by empowering your employees with tools that will ensure for high quality and consistent results every time – no matter photography experience.

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Iconasys is focused on innovating in-house photograph workflows through software automation. We offer a range of product photography software, turntables and lighting solutions that enable users of any skill level to easily and efficiently create high quality product images. Output from solutions can be in the form of still and/or 360 spin product photography, the latter of which combines a sequence of still images shot over a 360 rotation of a product. 360 spin product photography will enhance visual communication by allowing the viewer to rotate and view product from any angle (along with deep zoom from any angle). For still images created with Shutter Stream Photography Software, users will also have the ability to annotate images immediately following capture. Hundreds of customers globally trust Iconasys solutions for the quality control photography requirements – these customers are able to create better quality images in a fraction of the time. Below highlights our software and solutions for in-house Quality Control Photography.

Lighting & Software for Quality Control Photography

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Box

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Product Photography Solutions: Shutter Stream Software for Quality Control photography employs multiple Image Capture Tools enable anyone on staff to instantly compose and capture high quality images using a mouse. As images are captured, they are instantly uploaded to the program where users are able to annotate, watermark, edit and process images with the user-friendly Image Processing Tools. Shutter Stream is the most intuitive digital photography software available in the market.


Iconasys Photography Light Box & Light Kits: Our LED Product Photography Light Box & Lighting Kits will ensure the highest quality product images possible! All Iconasys lighting kits include high CRI LED bulbs that will ensure color accurate results. Evenly lit LED’s are perfectly diffused in the panels to ensure for a soft and consistent light when shooting still or 360 product views. By shooting the correct result the first time, users can significantly minimize time spent in editing product images.

360 Product Photography for Quality Control

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software Box

eCommerce Product Photography Software Overview

eCommerce Product Photography Software Features

eCommerce Product Photography Software Pricing

360 Spin Product Photography SoftwareIconasys 360 Spin Product Photography Software is the designed for users of any skill level to easily and efficiently create web-ready 360 product photography. Our software ranges from stand-alone 360 Product View Creation Software to fully integrated 360 Image Capture, Editing, Processing and Output Software. The functionality, ease of use, customization, efficiencies and professionalism are unparalelled and within minutes of installing, users can expect 360 product views ready to use for any application. Shutter Stream 360 Spin Product Photography Software is our most popular and includes 4 automated photography turntable shooting modes – one of which is our own line of computer controlled turntables. If you are looking to create 360 object photography in minutes, look no further.


360 Spin Product Photography Turntables: Iconasys 360 Spin Product Photography Turntables make 360 photography fast and easy for users of any skill level. Turntables are available in various sizes & price ranges. Our line of USB photography turntables are the most popular and include Shutter Stream 360 Spin Product Photography Software (optional) to streamline the entire 360 object imaging workflow – from synchronized camera snap + turntable movement (turn, stop, snap workflow) based on a user define frame count to batch editing and processing the 360 image set. With a USB Object Photography Turntable, expect to capture a 360 image with 36 frames in <3 minutes!

360 Spin Output can be in form of individual frames (JPG, TIFF, PNG or RAW format) and/or in an interactive 360 View output available in  HTML5, Interactive MP4 and/or 360 animated GIF or standard MP4 movie and are completely customizeable based on user preference!

360 spin product photography turntable for eCommerce

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