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The Iconasys 360 Product View Software is the most user friendly application available for creating 360 product views for web, social media, catalogs and presentations. The software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and is designed for users who already have a turntable and way to capture and edit 360 product image sets. 

Iconasys 360 Product View Software is a one-time purchase that will allow users to create infinite 360 product views that are completely unbranded (no Iconasys logo or info in the 360 output). There is no recurring mandatory monthly or yearly fees required and all purchases include 1 year free premium technical support.

“Whatever I bought had to be simple and create professional results. To my amazement, within 15 minutes of installing software and connecting turntable, I was able to get my first 360 Product View – it worked seamlessly. Easy to setup, easy to use and with fantastic results. Even for a guy who had ZERO prior experience.”
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Mark Lipp
CEO, Co-sulting

360 Product View Software: Creation, Customization and Publishing

Creating & Publishing a 360 Product View

After 360 product image capture and editing processes are complete, you are now ready to create your 360 product view. With the 360 Product View Creator Software, users, regardless of photography experience, are able to create web-ready 360 views in seconds. 360 output is available in multiple different interactive formats including HTML5, MP4 and 360 Animate GIF. Features included in Iconasys 360 Product View Software allow users to define and customize almost every aspect of the published 360 product view. Below highlights features and functionality available when using the 360 Product View Creator Software.

Iconasys 360 Product View Software: Features & Functionality

360 Output Format

360 Product View Software 01

Choose from 1 of 4 different output types including: Interactive HTML5, Interactive MP4, 360 Animated GIF and Standard MP4 video.

Player Button Style

Choose from 9 preset player button styles and colors. Users can also upload their own custom set of buttons into the software.

Player Button Location

Choose player button location and which buttons to include and/or omit in the 360 product view output.

Multi-Row 360 Views

360 Product View Software 04

Looking to create multi-row 360 product views (include vertical and horizontal rows), the 360 View Creator Software has an option to compose multiple 360 image sets shot at different rows.

Player Control

360 Product View Software 05

Choose different options for Rotation type including Auto-Rotate, Rotate just Once, Reverse Direction Rotation and Bounce Rotation (ideal for 180-degree product views).

Interactive Hotspots

Add interactive hotspots to a single or set of images. Hotspots can link to additional images, video, hyperlink to URL, text or custom Javascript.

Mouse Control

360 Product View Software 07

Choose Mouse control options. Include reverse pointer drag direction (for 360 views shot counterclockwise), maximum Zoom in level, mouse control click and drag sensitivity (horizontal & vertical) and an option to have mouse wheel control zoom in/out.

Dynamic Display

360 Product View Software 08

360 Product View output are compatible with all mobile devices (Android + iOS), include gesture control (move left & right via finger), and will dynamically resize and scale to adapt to viewing device.

Deep Zoom & Pan

360 Product View Software 09

Users have the ability to integrate Zoom In/Out on their 360 product views. Deep zoom level can also be adjusted and defined and users can use a deep zoom button and/or mousewheel option for viewing products up close.

Local, Unbranded Output

360 Product View Software 10

The Iconasys 360 Product View Creator Software is a one time purchase that will allow users, for perpetuity, to create infinite 360 product views that can be shared, uploaded to your own webserver and/or in the case of professional photographers, shared with clients.

Custom Load Bars & Overlay

Users are able to select and define load bar type by selecting one of 8 options within the software. Users can also choose to enable an overlay that communicates the 360 view is interactive and provides usage instruction for user interaction.


The 360 Product View Creator allows users to upload their own image that can be added to the 360 view output as a watermark. Users simply upload a .PNG image file, set the location, add hyperlink to watermark (optional) and this will be stamped on the 360 view output. This is a great feature for professionals wanting to share proofs with their clients.

360 Cloud Hosting (optional)

360 Product View Software 11

Iconasys offers customers the ability to upload their 360 product views directly to our Stream 360 server (optional). Our content delivery network is lightning fast and reliable with a 99.99% uptime. During the 360 output step, simply choose the option ‘Upload to Server’.

Interactive 3D CAD

360 Product View Software 14

Export your 3D visualizations in JPG or PNG image format and use the 360 Product View Creator Software to create a file that can be shared anywhere and viewed everywhere. File sizes are also very small to ensure for fast viewing load times.

Analytics Tracking

360 Product View Software 15

The 360 product view creator allows users to insert Google Analytics ® tracking code into the output so they can be measured for click through rate, time spent viewing and overall effectiveness.

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