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Shutter Stream Product Photography Software

We carefully studied product photography workflows – from image composition and capture, to the editing and background removal process, to image processing and output steps and realized existing product photography workflows are fragmented and very inefficient. Shutter Stream Product Photography Software integrates image composition, capture, editing, processing and output tools that will not only streamline in-house product photography workflows by up to 1,000%, but also help to standardize product images. Below is the list of Shutter Stream Product Photography Software features.

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software: Image Composition & Capture Features

Live View

Live View will stream a large real time preview of what the camera sees to the main viewing window in the center of the Shutter Stream UI. This is the first step every user will take prior to capturing an image. Live View will enable all image composition tools (Camera Settings, Crop, Overlay, Rotate and Snap) and is very beneficial to users as they are able to see how their image will look prior to even capturing the photo. Live View will make is simple for users of any skill level to achieve high quality results

Camera Settings Adjustment

Users have the ability to adjust Camera Settings and view the exposure simulation in real time on the monitor screen. Camera Setting changes can be made to: Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Exposure, White Balance and Flash. Users can set and save multiple Custom Setting Profiles to allow businesses consistent shooting results and maximum ease of use for low wage/ low skilled employees. In addition to camera settings, users can adjust focal point through mouse clicks should they chose to capture in Manual Focus mode.

Pre-Crop Subject

Crop gives users the option to Pre-Crop their subject while in Live View mode – before even capturing the image. Users will click and drag their Crop marker over their subject and as the image is captured, it will instantly be cropped. Users can define the Crop in a specific ratio (Square or Custom Ratio) if required. For example, if images are required at 800 x 500 pixels for your website, you will want to Crop at a 8 x 5 ratio (and when outputting your images from the program, resize to 800 pixels wide). Crop cannot be applied to RAW image format.

Image Overlay

The Image Overlay feature enables users to achieve consistent product placement and shooting angles. Users will create an Overlay while in Live View mode and by doing so, a semi-transparent image will be placed overtop the Live View window that can be used to help guide your next product’s placement. Multiple Image Overlays can be created and saved into the program the enabled at any time. This feature is ideal for website and catalog product photography in which consistent product views are required


Users can Rotate the Live View perspective 90, 180 or 270-degrees. As images are captured, they will also be uploaded into the Shutter Stream program in the same perspective. The Rotate feature is ideal for when the camera is rotated to shoot in portrait mode for tall and skinny products or objects such as a models and mannequins.


The Snap feature will send a command to the camera through USB to capture the image. The image is captured (with the set Crop) in a fraction of a second then sent back to the Shutter Stream program and uploaded within seconds for viewing, editing, processing and output. Images can be captured in JPG and/or RAW format.

Focus Stacking

Focus Stacking is primarily designed for Macro Photography (ex Jewelry Photography) and will allow users to capture fully in focus images. The process is completely automated, users simply set near and far focal points through the software, the number of frames to be captured during the stack and the Render Settings (render method, radius and smoothing). After hitting ‘Start’ the process will be automated. Focus Stacking is available through the focus stacking plugin (optional purchase).

Learn more about Focus Stacking in Product Photography

Iconasys designs and manufactures professional grade product photography lighting kits that enable users of any skill level to easily achieve high quality, color accurate product images. Use with our Shutter Stream Product Photography Software to create web and print ready product images in just seconds.

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software: Editing, Processing and Output Features

Automated Background Removal

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software includes a wide range of tools that will allow users to easily and effectively remove product images from backgrounds in an automated and batch process. These include: 

  • Magic Wand Tool: Select  background pixel color and define using a tolerance to remove similar color pixels from the image
  • Background Removal Using Reference Image: Uses image recognition to understand product vs. background and will auto cut the background
  • Dual Shot Background Removal: Capture images at two different exposures and use the underexposed image as the mask image to auto cut product from background
  • Auto Apply Edits: While not a traditional background removal tool, users can create and auto apply and editing profile to image(s) to achieve pure white backgrounds
  • Chroma Key Background Removal: Select a chroma key color (red, green or blue) to be auto-cut from an image

Learn more about all Iconasys Product Photography Background Removal tools here.

Image Editing, Enhancement & Color Correction Tools

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software incorporates a powerful editing suite that includes features comparable to many of the industry leading image editing programs. The editing tools are user friendly so users of any skill level can operate. Editing features include image enhancement, digital retouching, background adjustment to pure white (levels and curves), add canvas, color correction amongst others.  Users are able to making editing changes to a single image then apply it to the entire set of images with a single click. Users can also create Editing profiles – these are a series of adjustments that can automatically be applied after capture, OR to an image /image set either inside of the Editing area OR during image output. Batch Editing and Editing profiles are a sure way to further enhance product photography efficiencies. Shutter Stream does not provide the ability to edit RAW format images.

Batch Image Resizing, Renaming & Output

Multiple product images can be saved with one click to a specific directory (local or network). Included in the Batch Image Saving feature is batch image resizing (pixels), resolution adjustment (web or print) renaming and watermarking. Renaming is automatically defined by user defined filename followed by a numerical suffix (options for 1, 01, 001 or 0001) or custom suffix (ex. front, left, back, right, top).

Dynamic Saving

Looking to save images for multiple different applications? For example, the original images for archival at original resolution, images for Amazon at 1500 x 1500 pixels at 150 DPI and website images at 1000 x 1000 pixels at 72 DPI.  The Dynamic Save tool is perfect for helping automate output specific for your requirements. Captured images can be instantly saved for multiple uses with a single mouse click. Users have the ability to save a their set of images multiple times in different output formats (JPG, TIFF, PNG or RAW), at different sizes (pixels) and Resolutions (DPI) to different directories (local and network). Users can also chose to automatically apply an Editing Profile and add a Watermark during the export process. Images can also be transferred directly to your own FTP site during output. Naming can be completely customized as well based on each set being output. After a Save Profile(s) has been created, it can be saved and used as a default preset. This feature can be used in conjunction with the Image Editing tool and is sure to help streamline the product photography workflow specific to your requirements.

Image Annotation & Email

Users can instantly apply annotations and mark up images to any image(s) then attach to an outgoing email for efficient business communication.

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software: Additional Features

Direct Image Transfer

Looking to utilize the picture taking (image composition and capture) tools in Shutter Stream and still wish to work with a 3rd party image editing program or application (ex. Photoshop)? The Direct Image Transfer feature is the perfect tool for you. Users are able to bypass images being uploaded directly into the Shutter Stream program and rather be sent directly to any locally installed imaging application or local/network folder. Users simply define where these images will be sent, while also having the option to define instant image resizing / resolution adjustments. Then, as images are captured, they are uploaded for viewing, users can simply rename if required then sent instantly to the specified program and/or path. 

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Watermark Feature


The Watermarking feature will allow users to stamp a semi transparent logo of their choice on their images when saving. Users will simply upload a logo in PNG or BMP format, choose the location as to where they would like it stamped on the image and choose the transparency level. When saving images out, users have the ability to apply the watermark to an image(s).

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