The Fastest, Easiest & Most Powerful Solutions for Creating High Quality Still & 360° Product Photography

Have you ever asked yourself how much time and money you are spending on product photography? Whether shooting images in-house or outsourcing to a professional, chances are it is a lot. Granted, this is probably a worthwhile investment as the value of a high quality image can go a long way. But saying that, would you be interested if we told you there was a better way that is guaranteed to save you time and money, while not having to skimp on image quality?

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Iconasys is made up of a team of Photographers, Developers and eCommerce professionals who through past experiences, were familiar with inefficient product photography workflows. We envisioned a better way and by working with select camera manufacturers we were able to innovate a new breed of product photography software that went beyond traditional image editing and output programs. Our line of Shutter Stream software integrates image composition and capture tools (controlling a USB connected camera through mouse clicks) with a powerful image editing and processing suite to deliver the ultimate integrated photography workflow solution. Learn more about Iconasys

We're not the only ones excitedhappy about Iconasys

Over 3,500 customers in 40 countries trust Iconasys for their Product Photography Requirements. Here are a few:

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is an innovative software developed by Iconasys that is changing the way businesses & individuals shoot in-house product photography.

We are aware of the tedious steps common to your product photography workflow. We also understand how hard it can be to create high quality images. By working with camera manufacturer’s Canon, Sony & Nikon, we were able to develop a software program that minimizes efforts while maximizing efficiencies & results. Shutter Stream is designed for users of any skill level to easily create high quality product images while significantly increasing workflow efficiencies. Shutter Stream software can be divided into 2 main parts:

  • Image Composition & Capture – Pre-compose images while viewing a real time preview of what the camera sees then capture images all through mouse clicks (camera connected via USB to computer)
  • Automated Background Removal – Our Patent Pending background removal algorithm uses computer vision to automatically remove backgrounds from product images. How our Automated Background Removal Feature Works
  • Image Editing & Processing – Provides users the ability to single or batch edit, batch process (resize/rename) & batch output high quality product images in seconds

No matter what your imaging application, Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is an indispensable tool that is sure to save time, money and effort. How it Works

The fastest & easiest way to create high quality product images.

Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software

360° Product Photography is a growing trend that has been able to significantly enhance online visual communication. With many eCommerce businesses increasing conversion rates & customer satisfaction while decreasing product returns with the use of 360° product photography, we decided it was time to develop a software solution that made it affordable and efficient for anyone to create 360° product views.

Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software is the only fully integrated software solution that includes all tools necessary to make 360 product photography a success. The software can be broken down into 3 parts:

  • Image Composition & Capture Tools – Allows users to view a real time preview of what the camera sees then control camera snap through mouse clicks (camera connected via USB to computer)
  • Image Editing & Processing – Batch editing tools to enhance image quality and remove image backgrounds
  • 360° Product View Composition – Compose the set of images into a 360° interactive view that can be then embedded into any website (view 360 product view examples)

Shutter Stream 360° will provide users a cost down alternative to expensive, fully integrated turntable solutions. It will work with any manual photography turntable and allow users to achieve the same 360 workflow efficiencies from these rival solutions. On average, users can expect to capture, edit, process & output a 360° product view with 24 images in 5 minutes. How it Works

The most efficient & affordable way to create 360 product photography.

Iconasys 360° Photography Turntables360 product photography turntable software

Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntables provide users the easiest, fastest and most efficient workflow solutions for 360° product photography. All turntables include Shutter Stream 360° Photography Software Suite which will control all important variable required to make shooting 360 product images a success – while also enabling users, regardless of experience to create high quality, web-ready 360 images. The 360 image creation workflow is completely automated and integrates image composition, camera control, automated image capture (turn, stop, snap workflow), batch image editing, processing and 360 View Creation in multiple formats (HTML5, MP4, Animated GIF). Learn more about how 360° Photography Turntables from Iconasys will enable anyone on staff to create high quality 360° Product Photography in just minutes.

Completely automated, fully integrated 360° product photography.

Why choose Iconasys for Still and 360 Product Photography?

Save Time & Money

Eliminate time consuming tasks common to the product photography workflow. In seconds users can Compose, Capture, Edit & Process product images in a single affordable program.

Enable Users of Any Skill Level

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software enables any employee to Capture and Output high quality product photography. The program is designed to cater to users of any skill level.

High Quality, Consistent Results

Shutter Stream includes features and workflow tools that will ensure high quality, consistent results are captured every time. The easy to use Image Processing Tools can further increase product image quality.

Increased Efficiencies

Shutter Stream has streamlined the product photography Capture, Editing and Processing workflow. No more image uploading, sorting, and importing to a 3rd party application for processing and editing. Refined workflows will increase efficiencies up to 800%.

Alleviate Costly Employees

By enabling any employee on staff, Shutter Stream Product Photography Software allows business to use internal resources more wisely. It is no longer required to dedicate highly skilled, costly employees to handle product photography.


Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is affordable. This is a purchase that will easily be recouped simply in time & employee cost savings over time. Enabling anyone to output high quality product images adds additional value.