Iconasys Introduces Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software

360 Product View Editing, Processing, Creation & Output Software

Do you already have a photography turntable and means of capturing a set of 360 product images? Shutter Stream 360 Captureless is Iconasys’ latest software release that will allow users to batch edit, process, customize & output professional grade 360 & 3D product views in just minutes!

‘The need for a 360 product view creation software that integrated image editing, processing and 360 product view creation was apparent.” says Michael Atman, CEO of Iconasys. He continues “We had many customer inquiries whom had already invested in 360 product photography equipment and were looking to take advantage of the batch 360 image editing and processing tools from the Shutter Stream 360 Software (edit a set of images in one click) and 360 product view composition tools from the Iconasys 360 View Creator Software.”

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software is released today and is available for purchase directly at Iconasys.com (direct download immediately following purchase – available for Windows & Mac). The software combines 360 image composition from our 360 Product View Creator Software and combines this with the image editing, processing and output tools from our Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software. It is designed for users of any skill level, from first time amateur to professional and enables users to efficiently edit and create web-ready 360 and 3D product views. Users simply import a 360 image set (ex. 36 frames captured over a 360 rotation) then can get started with image editing. Image editing tools include overlay, crop, rotate, color correction, exposure, hue, sharpness, levels, curves, lasso, magic wand and automated background removal. All editing tools can be applied to a single image or the entire batch set of images through one click. Editing profiles can also be created and saved for automated image editing. After the image set has been edited, users can batch resize, rename, watermark (if required) the set of images to a local or networked folder or FTP. Individual image format output includes JPG, TIFF or PNG format. Users also have the ability (or can transfer at a later time) to transfer images to the 360 Product View Creator Software to customize, compose and output a web-ready 360 product view in HTML5, Interactive MP4, Standard MP4 or Animated GIF format.

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software – Workflow Video:

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software Features List:

Image Editing Tools Include:

  • Batch Crop: Free form, square or custom crop rations (ex. crop at 8 x 5 ratio). Use Batch Crop with image alignment tool to preview crop before applying.
  • Background Removal Tools: Includes a variety of tools for removing background from images. These include:
    • Automated Background Removal Tool – Uses computer vision to understand product vs. background and will auto remove background in batch process. To be used with background only reference image.
    • Chroma Key Background Removal – For items shot on Chroma Key color backgrounds (Red, Green or Blue). Can be applied in batch process.
    • Lasso (free form cut out tool: add/remove frame, inside/outside polygon). Can be applied in batch process.
    • Magic Wand Tool – Used for image sets that have consistent background colors. Can be applied in batch process.
  • Add Canvas: Add canvas in any color or as transparent pixels to a set of images. Canvas can be applied to bottom, top, left, right, bottom+top, left+right in a batch process.
  • Color Correction: White Balance (defined in Kelvin) and Tint Adjustments.
  • Hue: Adjust hues in image sets in a batch process.
  • Sharpness: Enhance image quality. Can be applied in a batch process.
  • Exposure: Adjust Brightness, Contrast & Saturation in a batch process.
  • Levels: Adjust levels values of image sets in a batch process. Levels also includes eyedropper Set Whitepoint and Set Blackpoint options.
  • Curves: Adjust Curves of 360 image sets in a batch process.
  • Rotate: Batch rotate a set of image up to a tenth of a degree. For ex. rotate 1.4 degrees to the left.

Image Processing & Output Tools Include:

  • JPG, TIFF & PNG image formats
  • Batch Renaming
  • Batch Resizing
  • Batch Watermarking
  • Batch Resolution Adjustments (DPI)
  • Batch Dynamic Saving (save multiple images at multiple different formats (JPG, TIFF & PNG), image sizes, resolutions, to different locations, with/without watermark etc..)
  • Add image metadata (copyright, author)

360 Product View Output:

After editing the set of 360 images users will compose these to a 360 product view. 360 Product Views are completely customizeable to the users preference. Customization is very straight forward and includes:

Player Behavior: Auto Rotate, Rotate Once then Stop, Static (no auto play) & Bounce Rotation.
Player Buttons: Choose which buttons to include & omit (options include: Play/Stop, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Zoom In/Out, Full Screen Viewing
Player Button Style/Color: Choose from 12 different player button options (different styles & colors) or import your own player buttons to match the look and feel of your website.
Player Button Locations: Choose player button locations (ex. Zoom in/out in top right corner, Play/Stop button in bottom left and Left/Right arrow in bottom right)
Speed: Choose the spin rate at which your 360 product view will turn
Direction: Choose from clockwise or counter clockwise
Size: Define output size in width or height (output also includes iframe.html file that dynamically resizes to fit to viewing window).
Interaction: Pointer drag direction, pointer drag sensitivity.
Zoom Level: Choose level of zoom (and can include or omit zoom feature)
Watermark: Watermark the 360 product view output using own logo or information.
Bit Rate: Adjust bitrate for Interactive MP4 & Standard MP4 video outputs.

360 Product Views can be output in a variety of different formats. Options include:

HTML5: Fully interactive, support click & drag mouse control (left/right and in the case of 3D product views up/down), deep zoom, mobile support (iphone/android), dynamic scaling/resizing.
Interactive MP4: Fully interactive, support click & drag mouse control (left/right and in the case of 3D product views up/down), deep zoom, mobile support (iphone/android), dynamic scaling/resizing.
Animated GIF: Great for displaying 360 product views in social media (support Instagram, Facebook & Twitter)
Standard MP4 Video: Compose individual images into a MP4 video file. Users can define bitrate (video quality) and video duration (speed of 360 spin)

360 Product Views can be output to local folders, networked folders and/or uploaded directly to the Iconasys 360 Product View Server which will output a link that users can embed or share as required. If outputting locally or to networked folder, 360 product views can be easily self-hosted. All 360 output are completely unbranded. Users can output infinite 360 product views for life.

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