Iconasys Still & 360 Product Photography Solutions

Iconasys has emerged as a leader in Still & 360 Product Photography Automation Solutions by delivering the most professional and advanced solutions in the industry. Our solutions are ideal for a list of product photography applications and are designed for multiple different industries. We differ from competitors in the product photography space by offering customers a variety of options that can cater to their unique needs. These solutions range from piecemeal solutions (ex. stand alone software that can work with your own lighting and/or turntable) to complete turnkey packages. In addition to our diverse product line offering, we do lead with a software first approach – as the software is the most important piece of the systems as it will drive the entire imaging process. And based on our tests with competitors products, competitors lead with hardware first approach – often with inefficient and bug ridden software applications. The last differentiation vs. competitors, and where we really excel, is the ability to deliver solutions at a fraction of the cost of our competitors while maintaining the fastest workflows, functionality and unparalleled image output quality.

Regardless of which Iconasys solution you decide upon, you can expect to optimize and streamline your product photography workflows while creating high quality images. All solutions are a one time purchase (no mandatory recurring monthly or yearly fees) include free premium technical support, industry leading warranties and a satisfaction guarantee. Users of any skill level can expect to save time, money and effort while creating better quality images.

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Purchase info and pricing is available upon request using the links below and will be sent via email within 1 hour of contact form submission. If you are interested in the complete Iconasys product line pricing, please fill and submit the form below:

Stand Alone Still & 360 Product Photography Software

(prices starting at only $299 – one time fee, no recurring fees)

Shutter Stream Software + Product Photography Lighting Combo

eCommerce Product Photography Studio & Software

Prices starting at only $949

(one time purchase/no recurring fees)

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Iconasys offers a variety of product photography lighting solutions that will yield professional quality product images in seconds – no experience required. The included Shutter Stream Product Photography Software provides users and intuitive interface that includes all standard features and tools required for eCommerce product photography including camera control, image composition, image capture, automated background removal, image editing, image processing and output tools.

Product Photography Light Box’s – Contained LED Studios designed for small to medium size products. Available in different sizes and specs, these studio make hight quality product photography fast, efficient and simple for users of any skill level.

LumiPad 360 Lighting System – Available in multiple different sizes and with Light Box options, the Iconasys LumiPad 360 Lighting systems include LED Backlight and front tower panels. Optimal for both small and large objects up to 28 x 28 x 28″.

Iconasys LED Studio Lights – Sold individually or in pre-packaged large scale product photography studios, these lights are great for various size objects up to 72 x 72 x 80″.

Iconasys LED Lighting and software combinations are the fastest and easiest tool for high quality product photography available in the market. 

360 Product Photography Turntable & Software

360 product photography turntable and software

Prices starting at only $699

(one time purchase/no recurring fees)

Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software allows users to maximize 360° imaging efficiencies (~5 minutes per product) while ensuring high quality, web-ready results. Shutter Stream 360 includes 360 product photography shooting modes for motorized, manual and Iconasys computer controlled photography turntables.

Iconasys USB Controlled Turntables – Completely automate 360 Product Photography through Shutter Stream 360 when shooting with an Iconasys USB Controlled Photography Turntable. These professional grade turntables integrate camera snap with turntable movement in a turn, stop, snap workflow (user defined number of frames per 360).

Iconasys Manual Photography Turntables – Designed as an entry level and affordable solution. This turntable will require users to manually position to each shooting angle with help of the laser etches guide marks on the turntable circumference. Shutter Stream 360 will help automate the 360 shooting workflow using the Manual Turntable shooting mode.

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360 Photography Turntable, Software & Lighting

360 product photography turntable, lighting and software

Prices starting at $1349

(one time purchase/no recurring fees)

The ultimate still and 360 product photography solutions from Iconasys! With our photography turntable, lighting and software packages, we can guarantee professional quality results regardless of photography skill level. With packages designed for small object macro photography (ex. Diamonds and Jewelry) to large scale solutions for shooting apparel and/or large objects up to 6 x 6 x 7 feet, we have you covered! With a 360 product photography system from Iconasys, users can expect:

  • Automated 360 Product Photography (on White Backgrounds)
  • Web-ready 360 Product Photography in ~5 minutes per product
  • Automated Still Product Photography (on White Backgrounds)
  • Web/Print ready product photography in just seconds
  • 360 Product Videos (on White Backgrounds)

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