360° Product Photography in Amazon Product Listings

360 Product Photography Live at Amazon.com

360° Product Photography provides many benefits for online sellers. From increased conversion rates and consumer confidence to decreased product returns, its no wonder why we see 360° Product Photography and its implementation continuing to grow.

Up until recently, 360° Product Photography was neglected by some of the major online marketplaces however new developments from Amazon tell us 360° Product Photography is about to go mainstream.

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In a recent podcast from E-Commerce Braintrust, our friend Jeff Hunt from Snap36 discusses the Amazon 360° Product Photography beta testing, results of 360° photos in amazon listings and expectations moving forward.

As there has been little to no information published on the introduction of 360° Product Photography in the Amazon marketplace, its hard to tell when this will formally rolled out to all Amazon® sellers. However based on the time from beta testing to integration, we are fairly certain Amazon is optimistic about the potential of 360° photos in product listings. Click to see an Amazon listing with 360 product image.

360 Product Photography in Amazon Product Listings 02

We have listed some key takeaways from our research:

  • Amazon is currently allowing 360 images for Vendor Central Sellers (the Vendor Central category is typically limited to manufacturers and distributors).
  • We suspect, as a result of being limited to Vendor Central sellers, 360° Product Photography falls under Amazon’s A+ Content.
  • Desktop & Mobile Compatible: We we able to view 360° product images using both web and mobile browsers. Using mobile browsers, the 360’s include gesture controls for moving product left/right.
  • We suspect Amazon is using HTML5 for their 360° image.
  • All 360 Product Views stick to Amazon’s pure white backgrounds theme.
  • There is not additional functionality in the 360° images(ex. zoom in/out or hotspots).
360 Product Photography in Amazon Product Listings 03

Iconasys is a leading provider of software and equipment that enables users of any skill level to create professional grade still and 360 product photography. Questions? Please contact us or or click here to learn how to create 360 Product Photography for your Amazon listings.

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