360 Ring Photography Mount Kit

Looking to shoot 360 Ring Photography and videos? The Iconasys 360 Ring Photography Mount Kit is an optional accessory that is designed for mounting rings and other lightweight objects when shooting 360 Product Photography. This 360 Photography Turntable accessory can mount to any Iconasys Silver Series Turntable and will aid in the creation of high quality 360 product views and 360 product video.

This kit includes a stem mount that can attach to the center of the turntable via magnet or screw. Alligator style clamps mount (2 included) mount in the other end of the stem and will vertically suspend objects from the stem (can be used upside down if required). The design ensures shadow free results and easy object positioning/centering.

0.2 lbs / 0.09 kg / 90 grams
  • Stem Riser (mounts via magnet to center of turntable)
  • Black Alligator Clamp
  • Silver Alligator Clamp
  • Silver Alligator Clamp Mount

360 Ring Photography Mount Kit Examples

All 360 product photography examples below were shot using either the Iconasys Silver Series MID or Jewelry Photography Turntable and Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography  Software. Images were shot, edited and composed into a 360 product view in ~5 minutes per product.

360 Ring Video Examples using Mount Kit

360 Ring Video examples were shot in just seconds using  Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software. This software is designed to automate 360 product video creation process and will synchronize camera video record start/stop with turntable start/stop in user defined speed, degrees and rotation direction.

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