360 Product Video Creation Tools

360 Product Videos are a popular trend in the digital space for brands and retailers looking to enhance visual communication. They differ from 360 Product Photography as they are non-interactive (no click and drag mouse control/zoom) however can can prove to be more optimal for some sales and social media channel. The other benefit with 360 product videos, they take less time to capture. Read more about 360 Product Photography vs 360 Product Video.

Automated 360 Product Video Creation Turntables & Software

Iconasys computer-controlled 360 Photography Turntables and Accessories aid in the composition, capture and creation of 360 Product Videos – allowing users to create professional quality 360 product videos in just seconds. They supports a variety of features and functionality to help streamline 360 video creation in-house:

  • Variable Speed Control: Iconasys 360 Turntables support 10 different rotation speeds
  • Wobble Free: Turntable surface supports ensure platforms rotate on a consistent plane – even with products that have uneven weight distribution
  • Vibration Free : Iconasys turntables eliminate vibrations by use of integrated electronics
  • Consistent Rotation Speed: Consistent spin rates controlled via digital pulses to ensure for a smooth 360 product video
  • Ramp Up/Down Speed: Eliminate torque at turntable start and stop by enabling user controlled ramp options
  • Software Controlled: Control turntable start/stop, rotation speed, direction via mouse clicks
  • Automated 360 Product Video Capture: Shutter Stream 360 + Video Software synchronizes camera video record start/stop with turntable start/stop in a user defined rotation degrees

Over 7,000 customers in 50 countries trust Iconasys for their 360 Product Imaging Requirements. Here are a few:

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Creating 360 Product Videos: How it Works

When using an Iconasys 360 Turntable with the Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software, the 360 Product Video creation process is completely automated.  Users simply connect a compatible camera and the Iconasys Turntable via USB to computer and control the rest of the process via mouse clicks. Workflow steps as follows:

  1. Launch Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software (Mac + Windows compatible)
  2. Enable Live View, this will stream a real time preview to the camera. During this step, users will adjust camera video record settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance & ISO) to optimize exposure settings for the lighting being used
  1. 3. Set Focal Point (optional) – Through mouse clicks users can view 1:1 in the real time preview, then set and fix a focal point to be used during 360 video capture (it is suggested to use a single, fixed focal point when shooting 360 Product Videos)
  2. 4. Place Object on Turntable and Pre-rotate turntable to ensure for correct object positioning (during this step users will watch the real time preview on monitor to ensure object is spinning on axis in the center of the turntable)
  3. 5. Define Turntable Spin Rate, Ramp, Spin Direction and Capture Degrees. Capture degrees is the number of degrees of video capture (ex. if you wish to capture a video with 2 full rotations, you would enter 720-degrees as the capture degrees setting)
  4. 6. Hit Start – This will trigger video record start with turntable rotation start and after defined spin range has been captured, the video record will automatically stop
  5. 7. Auto Upload – After Product Video capture is complete, the video will be uploaded to the computer in seconds where users can then editing and process the video (if required).  A backup of the video will also be saved to the cameras internal storage (ex. SD card)

Users can expect to create 360 Product Videos in just seconds per product when working with an Iconasys Turntable and Shutter Stream 360 Software.

Custom Defined Product Videos: How it Works

When using an Iconasys 360 Turntable with the Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software, users are able to create custom defined video record sequences.

When shooting in ‘Custom Defined’ video mode, users are able to define a sequence of turntable actions based on:

  • Turntable Rotation Degrees
  • Turntable Rotation Direction (clockwise / counter clockwise
  • Wait Time in-between Actions (defined in milliseconds)
Custom defined profiles can be saved and later retained within the software for use at a later time.

360 Product Video Creation Software

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software: Can be used as a stand-alone application and 3rd party turntable or with an Iconasys computer-controlled 360 turntable. Shutter Stream 360 + Video Software integrates with a compatible camera and support 360 Product Video composition (live view + adjust camera settings), control the 360 Product Video record start/stop, and automate video upload to computer. Includes 360 product video extraction features for users looking to convert 360 video to interactive 360 product photography (see workflow below).

When working with an Iconasys computer controlled turntable, this software integrates video record start/stop with turntable rotation start/stop ter capture is complete. Users have full control over the turntable movement and functionality (speed, rotation direction, video capture degrees, ramp speed etc.) via software.

Iconasys Turntable Controller Software: (requires Iconasys Photography Turntable): This software will simply allow users to control the turntable movement and functionality. If using this software, video record start/stop will have to be triggered manually or through a 3rd party camera control software.

Convert 360 Product Videos to 360 Product Photography

For users looking to create a more interactive product visual experience, Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software supports 360 product video frame extraction. This process is automated via the software and allows users to extract and downsample (if required) individual frames from the 360 video file then edit and compose into a web-ready 360 product view in various formats. Key software features include:

Upload: 360 product videos can be manually or auto-uploaded into the software immediately after capture is complete
Frame Extraction + Downsample: The software will auto-read the video file and communicate the total number of frames in the video. Users can define frame extraction in every Xth frame.

For instance, a turntable with a spin duration of 15 seconds per 360 revolution shot at 30 frames per second would result in a total of 450 frames (15 seconds record duration X 30 frames per second).If a user wanted to create a 360 product view with 50 frames, they would choose to extract every 9th frame (450/50 = 9).
Batch Crop, Editing and Process: Using the included editing and output tools in Shutter Stream 360 + Video Software, users can quickly and efficiently adjust or remove abackground, adjust colors, enhance images, crop image etc. in a batch process using a single click.
360 Product Image Set Output: Users will have the ability to export the 360 product image set in a batch process and with the ability to batch rename, resize, adjust image format (JPG, PNG, TIFF), resolution and even add a watermark.
360 Product View Customization and Composition: Users also have the ability to compose the 360 product image set into a web-ready 360 product view in various formats (interactive HTML5, interactive MP4, animated GIF). 360 product views are fully customizable. The other option is to compose the 360 product image set back into an MP4 video file. Learn more about the included 360 Product View Creation functionality.

360 Product View Examples:

Product Photography by Industry

Iconasys Still & 360 Product Photography Automation tools are trusted by thousands of customers globally and used in a variety of Industries – from shooting small items like diamonds and jewelry to large objects such as apparel, automobiles and heavy machinery, Iconasys solutions are sure to streamline workflows and enhance image quality. Learn more about Iconasys photography solutions for your industry.

Product Photography by Application

Iconasys Still & 360 Product Photography Automation tools can be used for a variety of applications. While eCommerce and related industries are the most popular, we see many uses outside of internet retail that require high product photography such as internal business communication, manufacturing, archival and more. Learn more about Iconasys photography solutions for your unique application.

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