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Have you ever asked yourself how much time and money are you spending on product photography? Outsourcing product photography can become costly and shooting images in-house can be a timely process and put a large strain on internal resources. While both options are worthwhile investments, what if we told you there was a better way? Shutter Stream Software is a guaranteed way to save time, money and effort while not compromising image quality when shooting product photography in-house.

Create Better Quality Product Photography while Saving Time, Money & Effort

The idea for Shutter Stream Product Photography Software was to develop a program that integrated every part of the photography workflow into a single, stand-alone application (software specifications). By working directly with leading camera manufacturers (Canon, Sony, Nikon) we’ve been able to develop a turnkey product photography workflow software that integrates camera control, image composition and capture, editing (includes product photography background removal), image processing and output. The software includes batch image processing and includes custom set profiles (ex. auto-edits, auto-resize, auto-output etc.) which can be applied to images immediately after capture. When using Shutter Stream, users of any skill level can expect to create high quality product photography with white or transparent backgrounds in seconds while increasing workflow efficiencies by up to 1,000%.

The software is designed for shooting objects of any size from jewelry to apparel to furniture and can be used with any existing photography lighting or with an Iconasys product photography lighting kit to achieve high-quality product images for a variety of applications including eCommerce & Amazon Product Photography.

Over 7,000 customers in 50 countries trust Iconasys for their Product Photography Requirements. Here are a few:

Product Photography Software Designed for your Requirements

The success of Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is largely in part to the total number of users and the valuable feedback and input we receive from our customers. Our on-site development team with over 60 years combined experience building imaging applications allows us to continuously improve the Software to cater to our users unique and ever changing requirements.

Product Photography Software: White Background Example

Automated Product Photography with Pure White or Transparent Backgrounds

Shutter Stream Software Benefits

Enable users of any skill level to create high quality product photography at unparalleled speeds.

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software includes a powerful image editing suite with automated background removal tools which can be instantly be applied to a single or set of images. Learn more about Product Photography Background Removal Tools

When working with a compatible camera, users are able to control image composition and capture via PC (Mac + Windows).

Replicate consistent exposure, color profiles, crop and shooting angles through:

  1. Camera Setting Profiles: Ccreate and save multiple camera profiles based on object size, color, type etc…)
  2. Pre-Crop Tool: Define crop at custom ratio, perfect square or free-form and save/store Crop profile(s) for  later use
  3. Image Overlay Tool: Overlay a transparent image on the Live View window to help with consistent product placement

 To further enhance workflows and imaging consistencies, users are able to save a variety of profiles to provide a one click capture, editing, processing and output workflow.

In addition to automated background removal tools, users are able to color correct, enhance, adjust and apply other edits to images in a single, batch or auto-apply after capture in a completely automated process.

Users are able to see a large real time preview of  the cameras viewfinder within the software. As images are captured, they are uploaded for instant feedback.

Users can work with a single or multiple cameras to further enhance workflows and imaging consistencies.

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software includes many tools such as the ability to pre-crop and the use of an image overlay that will significantly help with imaging consistencies and accuracy. Learn more about Product Photography Focus Stacking

"I like the straightforward workflow of Shutter Stream. It's extremely easy to use to obtain high quality product photography with pure white backgrounds."
iconasys customer quote: Blue
Willy Verschueren
Professional Photographer

The Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Advantage...

Iconasys is a leader offering the most complete and powerful product photography software available in the market. We  guarantee streamline workflows and back this with a 100% satisfaction moneyback guarantee (details on purchase page).

Product Value

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is a one time purchase that will easily pay for itself through time savings. All output is white labelled (no Iconasys branding) and there is no limitations.

Ease of Use

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software enables any employee to become your on-site photographer The program has an intuitive UI and will cater to users of any skill level, from first time photographer to professional.

Unparalleled Efficiencies

Shutter Stream helps users streamline their in-house product photography by integrating picture taking, image editing, processing and output into a stand-alone application. Refined workflows will increase efficiencies up to 1,000%.

Customer Support

We sell you the Software and are here to ensure you make the most of your investment. All purchases from Iconasys include one year free premium technical support and access to our video tutorials and live online training sessions.

Shutter Stream Product Photography Workflow Video

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Iconasys still product photography automation tools are trusted by some of the world’s leading brands & retailers along with thousands of professional photographers and small to medium size businesses. Our product range includes stand-alone software and product photography lighting kits which can be used together as a complete turnkey solution for do-it-yourself in-house product photography. These tools are designed for users of any skill level to easily and efficiently create high quality results. Additional info on the Iconasys product range can be found using the links below:

Product Photography by Industry

Iconasys Product Photography Automation tools are trusted by thousands of customers globally and used in a variety of Industries – from shooting small items like diamonds and jewelry to large objects such as apparel, automobiles and heavy machinery, Iconasys solutions are sure to streamline workflows and enhance image quality. Learn more about Iconasys photography solutions for your industry.

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Product Photography by Application

Iconasys Product Photography Automation tools can be used for a variety of applications. While eCommerce and related industries are the most popular, we see many uses outside of internet retail that require high product photography such as internal business communication, manufacturing, archival and more. Learn more about Iconasys photography solutions for your unique application.

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