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Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless: 360 Product Image Software

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software is the most comprehensive and feature packed software for 360 Product Image Editing, Processing, Customization, Creation and Output. The software is designed for users of any skill level to easily and efficiently create web-ready 360 product images for use on the web, social media, online catalogs and within presentations.

The software is built around automation and will streamline workflows through batch processing 360 image sets in a single click. Editing and processing tools compare to industry leading image editing software’s however cater specifically to 360 imaging workflows. 360 Product Views are completely customizable, so users can achieve a desired look and feel for the 360 product images they wish to create. Below highlights the complete software features.

We're able to shoot 360 product photography of 50-70 SKU's a day using Shutter Stream 360 Software. Great application - fast, stable and easy to use.
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360 Product Image Editing, Processing and Output

Automated Background Removal

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software employs a range of tools that will allow users to easily and effectively remove product images from backgrounds in an automated and batch process. These include: 

  • Magic Wand Tool: Select  background pixel color and define using a tolerance to remove similar color pixels from the image
  • Chroma Key Background Removal: Select a chroma key color (red, green or blue) to be auto-cut from an image
  • Auto Apply Edits: While not a traditional background removal tool, users can create and auto apply and editing profile to image(s) to achieve pure white backgrounds

Learn more about all Iconasys 360 Product Photography Background Removal tools here.

Image Editing, Enhancement & Color Correction Tools

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless incorporates a powerful editing suite that includes features comparable to many of the industry leading image editing programs. The editing tools are user friendly so users of any skill level can operate. Editing features include image enhancement, digital retouching, background adjustment to pure white (levels and curves), add canvas, color correction amongst others.  For 360 product images, users are able to making editing changes to a single image then apply it to the entire set of images with a single click. Users can also create Editing profiles – these are a series of adjustments that can automatically be applied an image or set of images either inside of the Editing area OR when outputting images from the program. Both Batch Editing and Editing profiles are a sure way to further enhance 360 product photography efficiencies. Shutter Stream 360 does not provide the ability to edit RAW format images.

Batch Image Resizing, Renaming & Output

360 Product Image sets can be saved with one click to a specific directory (local or network). Included in the Batch Image Saving feature is batch image resizing (pixels), resolution adjustment (web or print) renaming and watermarking. Renaming is automatically defined with a numerical suffix (options for -1, -01, -001 or -0001) for composing with the included 360 Product View Creator software OR any 3rd party 360 image composition or hosting platform (Filename-01, Filename-02… Filename-xx).

Dynamic Saving

Looking to save images for multiple different applications? For example, the original images for archival, the images for the 360 Product View at 800 pixels wide and a set of images at 72 DPI at 150, 500 and 1000 pixels wide for use as still images on your website.  The Dynamic Save tool is perfect for helping automate output specific for your requirements. Captured images can be instantly saved for multiple uses with a single mouse click. Users have the ability to save a their set of images multiple times in different output formats (JPG, TIFF, PNG), at different sizes (pixels) and Resolutions (DPI) to different directories (local and network). Users can also chose to automatically apply an Editing Profile and add a Watermark during the export process. Images can also be transferred directly to your own FTP site during output. Naming can be completely customized as well based on each set being output. After a Save Profiles has been created, it can be saved and used as a default preset. This feature can be used in conjunction with the Image Editing tool and is sure to help streamline the product photography workflow specific to your requirements.

360 Product View Creation, Customization and Output

Creating a Web-Ready 360 Product View

After the 360 product photography image capture, editing, processing and output has been completed, users can now import their images into the included Iconasys 360 Product View Creator. Users can batch import their images and in seconds can output an interactive 360 file that can then be hosted and easily integrated into any website using embed code or an iFrame. Output is in HTML5, MP4 and 360 Animated GIF format. The Iconasys 360 Product View Creator software allows users to fully customize their output and support a number of features.

360 Product View Creation Features & Functionality

360 Output Format

360 Product View Software 01

Choose from 1 of 4 different output types including: Interactive HTML5, Interactive MP4, 360 Animated GIF and Standard MP4 video.

Player Button Style

Choose from 9 preset player button styles and colors. Users can also upload their own custom set of buttons into the software.

Player Button Location

Choose player button location and which buttons to include and/or omit in the 360 product view output.

Multi-Row 360 Views

360 Product View Software 04

Looking to create multi-row 360 product views (include vertical and horizontal rows), the 360 View Creator Software has an option to compose multiple 360 image sets shot at different rows.

Player Control

360 Product View Software 05

Choose different options for Rotation type including Auto-Rotate, Rotate just Once, Reverse Direction Rotation and Bounce Rotation (ideal for 180-degree product views).

Interactive Hotspots

Add interactive hotspots to a single or set of images. Hotspots can link to additional images, video, hyperlink to URL, text or custom Javascript.

Mouse Control

360 Product View Software 07

Choose Mouse control options. Include reverse pointer drag direction (for 360 views shot counterclockwise), maximum Zoom in level, mouse control click and drag sensitivity (horizontal & vertical) and an option to have mouse wheel control zoom in/out.

Dynamic Display

360 Product View Software 08

360 Product View output are compatible with all mobile devices (Android + iOS), include gesture control (move left & right via finger), and will dynamically resize and scale to adapt to viewing device.

Deep Zoom & Pan

360 Product View Software 09

Users have the ability to integrate Zoom In/Out on their 360 product views. Deep zoom level can also be adjusted and defined and users can use a deep zoom button and/or mousewheel option for viewing products up close.

Local, Unbranded Output

360 Product View Software 10

The Iconasys 360 Product View Creator Software is a one time purchase that will allow users, for perpetuity, to create infinite 360 product views that can be shared, uploaded to your own webserver and/or in the case of professional photographers, shared with clients.

Custom Load Bars & Overlay

Users are able to select and define load bar type by selecting one of 8 options within the software. Users can also choose to enable an overlay that communicates the 360 view is interactive and provides usage instruction for user interaction.


The 360 Product View Creator allows users to upload their own image that can be added to the 360 view output as a watermark. Users simply upload a .PNG image file, set the location, add hyperlink to watermark (optional) and this will be stamped on the 360 view output. This is a great feature for professionals wanting to share proofs with their clients.

360 Cloud Hosting (optional)

360 Product View Software 11

Iconasys offers customers the ability to upload their 360 product views directly to our Stream 360 server (optional). Our content delivery network is lightning fast and reliable with a 99.99% uptime. During the 360 output step, simply choose the option ‘Upload to Server’.

Interactive 3D CAD

360 Product View Software 14

Export your 3D visualizations in JPG or PNG image format and use the 360 Product View Creator Software to create a file that can be shared anywhere and viewed everywhere. File sizes are also very small to ensure for fast viewing load times.

Analytics Tracking

360 Product View Software 15

The 360 product view creator allows users to insert Google Analytics ® tracking code into the output so they can be measured for click through rate, time spent viewing and overall effectiveness.

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