360 Product Photography Hanging Kit

To accommodate for products and objects that wont sit flat on the surface of a turntable, or for users who are looking to get more creative with their 360 Product Photography (shooting unique and compelling angles), Iconasys 360 Hanging Kits are a great option.

  • Silver Series Jewelry Turntable, LumiCube 360 Light Box, Platinum LRG Turntable: Consider the Jewelry Turntable Hanging Kit. This small scale hanging kit supports objects up to 0.7 lbs. This kit mounts to the turntable collar via magnet which makes correctly mounting the hanging kit in the center accurate and efficient. This package includes 2 mounts:
    • Hanging Kit Plate: This is designed for hanging necklaces and similar type objects in 360
    • Hook Mount: Designed for shooting hanging earrings and similar type objects in 360
  • Silver Series MID, LRG, XL Turntables: Consider the Silver Series Turntable Hanging Kit. This kit is designed for small products (such as necklaces and jewelry) as well as  larger objects up to 4 lbs (ex. footwear, cell phones etc..). It connects to the turntable collar via screw mount and is easy to secure to the table. This package includes 3 mounts:
    • 2X Hanging Kit Plates: Designed for hanging necklaces and similar type objects in 360. Users can also use wire or fishing line with this plate to suspend objects
    • Watch Mount: Designed specifically for shooting watches in 360
  • Platinum Series Turntables: Consider the Platinum Turntable 360 Hanging Kit. This kit includes 2 cross bars and are capable of supporting up to 100 lbs. The cross bars can be used individually or at the same time and are mounted (screwed in) to the underside of the motor.0.
Hanging 360 Product Photography: How it Works

How the 360 Hanging Kit Works

When using a 360 Product Photography Hanging Kit, users will be required to suspend their turntable. For this we suggest a flat platform (ex. wood) with a 2-3″ hole cut in the center hoisted by saw horse mounts. The hanging kit stem mount will connect from the underside of the platform  and allow it to rotate freely under the platform. Users can easily replace the Hanging Kit adaptor part (ex. plate mount, watch mount etc..) to allow for fast and efficient item placement and 360 hanging product photography and video creation.

When using a Hanging Kit with the LumiCube 360 Jewelry Photography Light Box for still imaging, it will mount to the inside top panel via magnet.

Hanging 360 Product Photography Examples

360 Product Video Examples using the 360 Photography Turntable Hanging Kit

Did you know Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntables are also designed for shooting 360 Product Video?

Use this functionality with the 360 Hanging Kit to create professional quality 360 videos in just seconds! Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software automated 360 product video creation by synchronizing turntable start/stop with camera video record start/stop. Users are able to define turntable rotation speed, direction and rotation degrees. After video record is complete, the software automatically uploads the video to computer for editing, processing and publishing.

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