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The Fastest and Easiest 360 Product Photography Software

There is a no doubt 360 product photography is a great addition to any website. It has been proven to increase conversion rates and customer satisfaction while decreasing product returns. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Well not always, especially when you consider the price point of getting started.

Automated 360 Product Photography Turntable Solutions: We have seen many equipment manufacturers enter into the 360 product photography space over the last 5 years. Although some of these manufacturers have done a great job creating highly efficient turnkey software/turntable solutions that include automated image capture, editing and 360 image composition through embedded software, the price points are lofty – starting at ~$2,000+ USD. This price point doesn’t always make sense for small businesses looking to get started with creating 360 product images.

The other options, semi-automated, manual photography turntables or lazy susans are more affordable yet can require highly skilled users and are much more time consuming – often taking >30 minutes to capture, edit, crop, resize and output a 360 product image composed of 24 images.

What if we told you there is an easier, faster and much more affordable way?

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Turntable software is the perfect tool for creating and streamlining 360 product photography. In initial tests with a manual turntable, users were able to compose, capture, edit and output a set of 24 images over a 360 rotation in less than 5 minutes!

See workflow video below:

Why Shutter Stream for 360 Product Photography?

Shutter Stream Eliminates User Error When Shooting 360 Product Photography

360 product photography requires much more consistencies vs. a standard still image as the end result will all be compiled into a single interactive image. That means the following must remain consistent from image to image:

  • Camera Settings
  • Focal Point
  • Crop
  • Image Editing
  • Image Size

If any of these variables change from image to image, the end result is most likely going to be a re-shoot. And the worst part about it, you wont realize until the final step when you compose the 360 product view (learn more about 360 product view composition features).

Shutter Stream will allow users to control each one of these important variables through the automated software commands to the camera. Camera settings are adjusted through mouse clicks and once set to the correct exposure, will remain consistent. Users can adjust focal point through mouse clicks and the ‘fix’ this to ensure it will not automatically adjust as the rotating objects moves closer or further to the camera. The Crop is defined while viewing a Live View of what the camera see’s on the monitor screen – prior to even capturing an image. After it has been set, users can pre-rotate the photography turntable or lazy susan to ensure the object doesn’t fall outside of the crop markers – and if it does, simply re-adjust. This crop will be used every time an image is captured to again ensure for exact consistencies. Last, image editing and resizing (if required) can be applied to a single image then applied to the entire set of images that were captured over the 360 rotation.

Shutter Stream 360 product photography turntable software is a sure way to control important variables required for shooting 360 product images.

As Efficient as Most ‘Fully Automated’ 360 Product Photography Turntable Solutions

As images are captured through the Shutter Stream 360 product photography turntable software, they are instantly uploaded to the computer. In addition to the automated image capture, Shutter Stream includes image editing and processing. These features have the ability to applied in a batch process. Typically, image editing is required on a per-image basis but with Shutter Stream, users can make editing adjustments to a single image – the select to apply those exact changes to the entire set of images. Within just seconds, users are able to make background adjustments and image enhancements to a set of multiple images. Shooting 24, 36 or 72 frames? No problem, Shutter Stream can handle the job.

Users can expect increased efficiencies vs. standard photography workflows between 600% and 1000%.

Affordable 360 Product Photography

Manual Photography Turntables are very inexpensive and can be either made or sourced. Any option, and even semi-automated turntables will do a great job working with Shutter Stream to efficiently create a set of 360 product images. In addition, users are no longer tied to a fragmented workflow where images are manually captured, uploaded to the computer, imported into an editing software and output. This is a very time consuming process that is often very costly to those creating 360 product photography.

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Turntable Software is an affordable option for those looking to easily and efficiently create 360 product photography. For more information on Shutter Stream, manual photography turntables, DIY photography turntables, 360 image composition software, 360 image hosting partners, please feel free to contact us.

Learn more about automated equipment and software for creating 360 product photography.

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