360 Product Image Editing & Creation using Shutter Stream 360 Captureless

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software is a great option for users looking to create 360 product images in-house. This software is designed for users who already have a 360 photography turntable and/or efficient means of 360 product image capture and will automate 360 product image editing workflows while allowing users to compose, customize and output interactive 360 product views. Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software is the most advanced, professional and easy to use 360 product image editing, processing and 360 creation software available in the market (view 360 product photography examples).

Simplify 360 Product Image Creation & Publishing

After importing a 360 image set, users are able to edit the entire set of images in a single click with the user friendly yet powerful image editing suite. Batch editing includes image and frame manipulation tools, image enhancement tools, color correction tools and automated background removal tools that can be batch applied to image sets. Users also have the ability to create saving and export profiles that will further streamline workflows while helping users standardize processes. 360 product views can be composed in many formats for use in web, social media, sharing and presentations (see all software features). Below discusses the Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software Workflow and basic steps for 360 product image creation.

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Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software Workflow

Shutter Stream 360 Software  is designed to work with a variety of photography turntable options. The general workflow is highlighted below. For turntable specific instructions, please see the videos at the top of this page.

360 Image Editor and Creator Software 01

 Step 1: Import 360 Product Image Set

After the 360 product images have been captured, user will want to transfer to their computer (Windows / Mac OSX) and then import into the Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software for editing, processing and 360 product image creation.

Images can be batch imported in one 360 image set at a time or multiple 360 image sets at a time.

Users can import JPG, TIFF, PNG & RAW image formats.

Step 2: Inspect & Crop Images

Now that images have been imported into the software users can view, to ensure all images have been imported successfully, then entering into the Editing area of the software.

It is in this step users typically will first ‘Batch Crop‘ their images to eliminate any unwanted excess frame. It is suggested to use the ‘Batch Crop’ tool with the ‘View Alignment‘ tool. ‘View Alignment’ will overlay the entire set of images over top of one another in a transparent manner which will act as a guide to ensure the crop markers are positioned correctly.

When using ‘Batch Crop’ tool, users can define to Crop in free form, a perfect square or at a custom ratio (for ex. 8 x 5 ratio). This can be set in the ‘Crop Options’ area.

360 Image Editor and Creator Software 02
360 Image Editor and Creator Software 03

Step 3: Batch 360 Product Image Editing

After images have been cropped (optional), users can now use the other image editing tools to create better quality 360 image sets.  Editing tools include a wide variety of options including:

  • Automated Background Removal Tools: Using a reference image, chroma key and/or magic wand)
  • Manual Background Removal Tools: Polygonal Lasso Tool (can be used to add or remove frame)
  • Image Enhancement
  • Color Correction
  • Exposure
  • Levels & Curves
  • Transform, Rotate & Tilt
  • Add Canvas

All 360 product image editing options can be applied to a single image or to the entire set of images in a batch process.

 Step 4: 360 Product Image Set Output

Now that the 360 product image set has been edited, user is now ready to output the frames and create a 360 view.

Outputting Individual Frames: Users have the ability to output a single or set of images using the Batch Save or Dynamic Save tools. In this step users can rename, resize, watermark in a batch process and save locally in JPG, TIFF and/or PNG file. Dynamic saving also allows users to save a single or set of images multiple different times, with different names, into different folders, at different sizes etc…

Creating 360 Product Image: User can also send images directly to the included 360 Product View Creator Software directly from the editing application using the ‘Image Transfer’ button. This will combine the 360 product image set into an interactive 360 product view.

360 Image Editor and Creator Software 04

 Step 5: Customize 360 Product View

During the 360 product view creation, users will have full access to customize their 360 view exactly as required. 360 output formats include Interactive HTML5, Interactive MP4, Animated GIF and Standard MP4 Video. Key features:

  • Interactive – Click and drag mouse control / Gesture control on mobile devices
  • Deep Zoom & Pan – Zoom in up close to view image in high detail
  • Fully Customizable – Choose player buttons/color, upload own buttons, set rotation speed, rotation direction, zoom in depth, mouse control click & drag speed etc.
  • Web/Mobile Viewing – Viewing supported on both web & mobile browsers (iOS, Android)
  • Analytics –  Insert Google Anayltics tracking ID to get real time data on 360 view interactions.
  • Hot Spot Image Tagging – Add interactive hot-spots on images to communicate additional features/functionality.
  • Multi-Row 360 Composition – Create multi-row 360 product views (also called 3D product views) that support left/right & up/down mouse control.

 Step 6: Output 360 Product View

The 360 View Creator will remember previous settings used so for all 360’s created in the future (provided no further adjustments are required), creating a web-ready 360 product view can be done in a single click! 360 Product Views can be:

  • Output Locally – Support local viewing and can also be shared via email or through a file sharing service
  • Uploaded to your Own Web Server – Upload 360 views through FTP to your site
  • Integrated into your own Website – Easily integrate into your website using Embed Code (iFrame)
  • Cloud Hosting Service (optional) – Send 360 product views directly to the Iconasys Stream Server after which user receives a link that can be easily embedded into their website and/or shared with customers and clients.
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