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While we probably don’t need to stress to you the importance of high quality product photography in your eBay listings, we can imagine the effort being spent learning ‘how to take good pictures for eBay’ and the time spent photographing and editing images to meet the eBay product photography guidelines. As many products being sold on eBay are unique, this often calls for lots of product photography. In addition, it is strongly suggested sellers offer multiple product views – or as eBay states ‘Photography your item from all angles, and capture its details and blemishes’.

Iconasys specializes in product photography automation tools and software designed for online sellers to easily create better quality product photography while increasing workflow efficiencies by up to 1,000%! Our product range includes still and 360 product photography software, DIY professional lighting kits, 360 product photography turntables and 360 product video solutions.



Over 6,000 customers in 50 countries trust Iconasys for their Product Photography Requirements. Here are a few:

Product Photography Tools for eBay Sellers

What if we told you we could increase your eBay product photography workflow efficiencies by up to 1,000%? Our still product photography tools will do just that:

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eBay Product Photography Software: Shutter Stream lends a unique approach to eBay product photography by integrating every aspect of the eBay photography workflow into a single standalone application. By integrating camera control in an image editing, processing and output application, users are now able to create high quality images ready for eBay listings in just seconds. The program is designed for users of any skill level and is trusted by thousands of business around the world who require professional grade images – even some of the biggest eBay sellers! With Shutter Stream, users can expect to increase photography workflow efficiencies while crreating better quality images. We often hear the software pays for itself in time/money savings in just a couple months.

Iconasys Product Photography Light Boxes & Lighting Kits: Did you know 90% of professional quality product photography comes down to the correct lighting? Iconasys offers DIY product photography lighting kits that will make a professional photographer out of anyone. With an Iconasys lighting solution, users can expect to create high quality, shadow free and color accurate product images. Some of our lighting kits even allow users to instantly shoot product photography for eBay directly on a pure white background!  By shooting the perfect photo on the first take, users can minimize time spent editing and processing images. Use an Iconasys lighting product with Shutter Stream eBay Product Photography Software to further automate workflows.

360 Product Photography & Video for eBay

360 Product Photography & Videos provide a great way for eBay sellers to better merchandise their products in their listing. Both are forms of rich media that enhance the chances for interaction and engagement with your product listing – which has proven to increase both selling price and conversion rates.

Iconasys has emerged as a leader in the 360 product photography and video industry by delivering the most professional, efficient, advanced and easy to use 360 photography turntable and software. Our line of 360 photography tools range in functionality and automation however never compromise the ability for users to create professional 360 product photography and videos. 360 product photography can be output as:

  • Individual Frames: After the 360 image capture, users will have access to all the individual frames ( in *JPG, *PNG, *TIFF or RAW format). These can be used as single product images to display multiple product views in your eBay listings
  • *360 Product View – Compose the individual frames into a 360 product view. 360 Product Views are available in multiple different formats including:
    • Interactive HTML5
    • Interactive MP4
    • *Animated GIF
    • *Standard MP4 Video
  • *360 Product Video: Simply looking to create 360 product videos for your Amazon listings? Iconasys has software controlled turntable solutions that will automate the 360 product video creation process.

*These options comply with eBay Product Photography guidelines.

360 Product Photography Software 

Iconasys offers 3 different versions of software for 360 product photography. These include:

360 Product View Creator – 360 Image Composition Software – Users simply import a set of JPG or PNG images shot over a 360 rotation then can compose, customize and output a web-ready 360 product view in HTML5, Interactive MP4, Animated GIF or Standard MP4 video

Shutter Stream 360 Captureless – 360 Image Editing + 360 Composition Software – Users simply import a set of JPG or PNG images shot over a 360 rotation then can access a complete image editing application (includes batch image editing), compose, customize and output a web-ready 360 product view in HTML5, Interactive MP4, Animated GIF or Standard MP4 video

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software – 360 Image Capture + Image Editing + 360 Composition Software – Shutter Stream 360 supports 4 different automated turntable photography modes that include Manual Turntable, Motorized Turntable, Shutter Release Turntable and Iconasys software controlled USB turntables. The software also includes a complete image editing suite (batch image editing), batch image processing tools and the ability to compose,  customize and output a web-ready 360 product view in HTML5, Interactive MP4, Animated GIF or Standard MP4 video.

360 Photography & Video Turntables

Iconasys offers a wide variety of 360 Photography & Video Turntables  that are designed to make creating 360 images for eBay fast, easy and efficient. Each turntable includes Shutter Stream 360 Software that allow users to define frame count (ex. shoot 36 frames/360 rotation). After hitting start, image capture is completely automated via software commands and will capture the image set in a turn, stop, snap workflow. As these images are shot, they are uploaded into the software where the user can then individually or batch edit the entire set in a single click (includes automated background removal in a batch process). After the image set has been edited and processed, users can then export the individual frames (JPG, TIFF, PNG or RAW format) and/or in a 360 product view (in interactive HTML5 and MP4 and/or 360 animated GIF or standard MP4 movie).

With an Iconasys photography turntable and software solution, users can expect to create web-ready 360 product photography and/or 360 videos for use in eBay in just minutes! Learn more.

360 spin product photography turntable for eCommerce

Additional info on Iconasys Product Photography Tools

Increase eBay/Amazon Product Photography Efficiencies, Ease of Use and Quality

We understand many eBay and Amazon sellers are not professional photographers. We also understand most are operating lean businesses and do not have hours to spend on taking, editing and optimizing product photography for product listings. This is what we took into account when developing Shutter Stream Product Photography Software – to provide users, regardless of experience, an efficient way to capture, edit and process high quality results in a single, stand alone application. Shutter Stream provides all tools necessary to achieve image quality to meet both eBay and Amazon image requirements and current customers have said increased efficiencies between 500 and 800% vs. their old workflows. Specific tools included in the software allow users to set up custom profiles for even further enhancing the workflow – such as the Dynamic Save Tool. Maximum image quality for users of any skill level can easily be obtained as users can control image exposure (through adjusting camera settings) and focal point adjustment directly through mouse clicks while in Live View mode. Shutter Stream is sure to provide an easy and streamlined product photography workflow that will minimize time and effort while maximizing results. All purchases include a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Why Better Image Quality will Help Selling on eBay / Amazon

Although outsourcing to a studio will almost always guarantee professional product images, the costs associated with it are often overwhelming and doesn’t make sense for the eBay / Amazon seller. Take control of your product photography and shoot at your own discretion, on your own timeline and as many images as required.

Why Outsourcing Amazon / eBay Photography is not a Viable Option

When selling on eBay or Amazon, better quality product photography equals increased sales revenue/conversion rates. Often users will compare product first on price then next on product imagery. High quality product images will set the online seller apart from the competition and increase the chance of getting the sale. Shutter Stream is the perfect tool for eBay and Amazon product photography and is a investment that will provide guaranteed ROI. Create professional quality images in seconds – regardless of experience.