Removing Backgrounds from Product Images

Product Photography Background Removal using Artificial Intelligence

Product Photography with pure white background, or product images clipped from backgrounds entirely have become a requirement in the age of eCommerce. We see marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart requiring sellers to submit product images with pure white backgrounds – and this has transitioned into the norm for online stores in general.

Traditionally product photography background removal as been a time consuming task, requiring users to clip products off their backgrounds using manual or semi-automated tools. With the introduction of computer vision and machine learning, we have seen product photography background removal tools improve tremendously – allowing background removal to be much more automated. The improvements save product photographers and video editors significant time and effort.

With the introduction of  Version 13.0, Shutter Stream Product Photography Software now includes product photography background removal using artificial intelligence! Shutter Stream is already the world’s fastest product photography software – allowing users of any skill level to create high quality product images while increasing workflow efficiencies by up to 1,000%. Shutter Stream even includes a 1 click end to end product photography workflow with our Pipeline Processing Feature.

Background Removal using Artificial Intelligence Intro Video:

Shutter Stream Software includes a variety of automated product photography background removal tools including:

  • Background Removal using Reference Image
  • Dual Shot Background Removal
  • Chroma Key Background Removal
  • Magic Wand Tool

While each of these tools do a good job, they can often struggle to effectively clip products from their backgrounds when certain lighting conditions are not met. For example, Background Removal using a reference image will have a hard time with shadows while Dual Shot Background Removal will not effectively work for items that don’t contrast well with their backgrounds.

Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence

The AI Background Removal Feature proves to be a more effective option for cutting products from their backgrounds. While developing this tool, we processed tens of thousands of images and learned from mistakes and failure to deliver not only the most powerful Product Photography Background Removal feature, but also the only local software, not based on a pay per image or subscription basis, that includes AI Background Removal.

Background Removal using Artificial Intelligence Workflow Video

Product Photography Background Removal using Artificial Intelligence Conclusion

If you’re shooting product photography in-house and require your products images masked, to allow for pure white (or transparent) backgrounds, Shutter Stream Product Photography is a guaranteed way to save time, money and effort. Iconasys also offers 360 product photography software – which also includes AI BR Tools.

About Iconasys:

Iconasys is a leading provider of still and 360 product photography automation tools. Our product line includes still and 360 product photography software, turntables and lighting that enable users of any skill level to easily and efficiently create professional quality product images for use in a variety of product photography applications and industries.

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