Shutter Stream Product Photography Software: Pipeline Processing

Pipeline Processing: Automated Product Photography Software

Pipeline Processing: Product Photography Software

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Version 13.0 is released and includes some exciting new features. Today, we will highlight the Pipeline Processing Feature and its ability to allow users to achieve professional grade product images using a 1 click workflow.

Shutter Stream Software is built around profiles – which users can create and save to streamline and standardize their in-house product photography workflows. Profiles can be created in almost every widget of the software, from Image Capture Tools, to Image Editing & Processing Tools, to Image Output and even 360 Product View Output. After profiles have been saved, it can then be accessed at any time then applied to a single or set of images.

Traditionally, to access and apply a profile, users would have to enter into the specific widget. For example, if a user wished to apply an Automated Product Photography Background Removal profile, they would have to enter into the editing area first. With Pipeline Processing, users can now choose to automatically apply a single or set of profiles to a single or set of images immediately after capture.

Pipeline Processing Workflow Video:

  1. In the above workflow video, we walk you through the traditional workflow using Shutter Stream Product Photography Software. While doing so we create a series of profiles:

Image Editing:

  1. Background Removal using the Artificial Intelligence Background Removal Tool
  2.  Mask Grow using the Magic Wand Tool to remove soft edges
  3. Color Correction + Image Enhancement using the Levels & Sharpness Tools
  4. Add Canvas using the Add Canvas Tool

Image Output:

  1. We create a profile for Batch Saving in which we define image resizing, alpha channel replacement color, Image Resolution and Save to Location

After the profiles are created, we enter into the Pipeline Processing option in the Options area then add the set of profiles, in the correct order we wish to apply them and then save a Pipeline Profile (which we can then choose to auto-apply to images immediately after capture).

In our 2nd to last step, we highlight our Pre-Naming feature – which is another tool recently added into the Shutter Stream Product Photography Software. Pre-naming is a great option when using Pipeline Processing as it will allow users to provide a unique name for every image captured/output. The Pre-Naming dialogue will pop up when a user clicks a Snap action.

In our last step, we highlight our Custom Defined shooting mode – in which users are able to define a number of images to capture and use a timer to capture these. Typically when shooting product photography, more than a single image is required (ex. shoot multiple angles). The Custom Defined mode is the correct shooting option if you require multiple images per product.

Last, to set the pipeline processing to auto apply, we hold CTRL + Right Click on the Snap button and select the Pipeline Profile we had created. Now, when we hit snap, images will be auto processed (auto edit + output) immediately after capture.

Pipeline Processing Conclusion

The new Pipeline Processing feature is designed to further enhance workflow efficiencies while also making it easier to standardize in-house product photography workflows and processes. For those shooting eCommerce product photography, or those looking to shoot high volume product photography, Shutter Stream is the fastest, easiest and most efficient product photography software available.

The pipeline processing feature is also available in all Iconasys 360 Product Photography Software.

About Iconasys:

Iconasys is a leading provider of still and 360 product photography automation tools. Our product line includes still and 360 product photography software, turntables and lighting that enable users of any skill level to easily and efficiently create professional quality product images for use in a variety of product photography applications and industries.

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