Online Retailer Saves Thousands of Dollars with Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is one of the largest online retailers for eyewear in Mexico. approached Iconasys in July of 2014 looking for a better and more affordable way to create high quality eye and sunglass photography in house as the current images provided from vendors were inconsistent and sometimes lacked quality. WebLens had first considered outsourcing their product photography to a professional however after doing the math, at $6 an image this would be a large expense with the number of SKU’s on hand and the ongoing requirements for product photography as new styles were introduced. Bringing a solution in house seemed to make the most sense.

Since implementing Iconasys Shutter Stream Product Photography Software, WebLens has been able to save thousands of dollars in photography related expenses, eliminate the need for image editing in Photoshop and create professional grade web-ready images in just seconds. To read the complete case study, please see here.

DIY Sunglasses Photography: Case Study
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