360 Product Views in Shopify

360 Product Views in Shopify

Looking to integrate 360 Product Views into your Shopify webstore? Look no further…

Note – users will require a shared hosting account with FTP access to for hosting their 360 product views.

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Import a set of jpg images (shot over a 360 rotation) into the Iconasys 360 Product View Creator Software customize the 360 view to your preference then create and output the 360 output file. Note, users can also choose to upload directly to the Iconasys 360 image hosting server to avoid having to self host (in this case, skip to step 3).
  2.  Upload the output folder output from the 360 Product View Creator Software onto your server using FTP. OR upload the 360 view file directly to the Iconasys 360 Image Hosting Server.
  3. Copy the URL to the iframe.html file in the hosted folder. Users will also want to know the width and height information of the JPG images used in the 360 view.In our case, the url is: https://stream.iconasys.com/viewer.php?application=360&type=iframe&id=4e6a9048fa4727f69bcd68cc4528399cf5e5a921
    JPG image size is: 600×600 (note you have the ability to resize to whatever image size you require in the 360 Product View Creator Software).
  4. Use an iframe wrapper and include your iframe.html url into the area behind the src=”. Also enter the frame width and height information. So in our example, the code will look as follows:
  5. In the Product Description area on the Shopify product page, enable the HTML editor then paste the iframe.html embed code.
  6. Save the product and preview the page. You will now see the 360 product view displayed in your Shopify product page. The Iconasys 360 Product View Creator Software is a desktop application that allows users to create infinite 360 product views and host the 360 Product View output on their own servers.  Output includes multiple different formats including interactive HTML5 and MP4 – which include mouse control click and drag, deep zoom and hotspot image tagging. Included in the output is an iframe.html file that can easily be embedded into any website (even Amazon has starting accepting 360 product views). As users create and hosting their own 360 product views, there is no monthly or annual fees required to output and self host – the software is a one time purchase that customers will own forever.
360 Product Views in Shopify

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