How Shutter Stream Product Photo Software Works

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is an image capture software that integrates image Editing and processing tools to enable users to maximize photography workflow efficiencies. Shutter Stream requires a compatible camera tethered to a computer through USB in order to control camera hardware commands through mouse clicks. Images are composed while viewing a real time preview of what the cameras sees on the monitor screen. Users compose images by adjusting camera exposure settings, and Pre-Cropping the subject using a mouse. Images are captured with a simple mouse click then instantly uploaded to the computer for viewing, editing and processing. Editing tools include an automated background removal tool that can be applied in a batch process. Additional composition features are available in the software to further enhance workflows, ease of use and consistencies. The Shutter Stream image processing and editing area include user friendly tools and batch image processing/editing to further optimize image workflow efficiencies. Questions? Contact Us

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Shutter Stream Product Photography Workflow

Step 1 - Product Photography Workflow with Shutter Stream

Step 1: By clicking the ’Live View’ button in the program, the user is able to view, in real-time, what the camera sees. The user will place their object in front of the camera.

Step 2 - Product Photography Workflow with Shutter Stream

Step 2: Next, the user can adjust camera settings (through mouse clicks) to ensure for optimal exposure. As camera settings changes are made, the ‘Live View’ simulates the image exposure in real time. After adjusting exposure, the user will define a ‘Pre-Crop’ around their subject.

Step 4 - Product Photography Workflow with Shutter Stream

Step 3: When ready to capture the image, click the ‘Snap’ button inside the program & the image will be instantly uploaded for viewing. The user can capture additional views of the product (if required) – camera settings & crop markers can be retained from shot to shot.

Step 5 - Product Photography Workflow with Shutter Stream

Step 4: After capturing a single or set of images, users can enter into the editing area to increase image quality & automatically remove the background and replace it with pure white (or any other color – this is an automated process). These editing adjustments can be made to a single image, then ‘Applied to All’ which will apply the same edits to the entire set of images.

Step 6 - Product Photography Workflow with Shutter Stream

Step 5: The images are now ready to be renamed, resized and output to a local or network folder and/or a FTP site. Image format, resolution, resizing, renaming and output are all done in a batch process with a single click. If users require images at multiple different pixel sizes, resolutions & formats, they can do so in one click using the ‘Dynamic Save Tool’.

Step 6 - Product Photography Workflow with Shutter Stream