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How Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Turntable Software Works

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software is designed to make the 360 product photography workflow fast, simple and efficient for users of any skill level. Users simply connect a compatible camera to the computer ton control the entire 360 product photography workflow through a single, stand-alone application. Shutter Stream 360 integrates image capture through mouse clicks (includes manual and automated 360 shooting modes) and as images are captured they are instantly uploaded to the program for viewing, editing and processing. Users can expect to compose (pre-crop, adjust camera setting for correct exposure), capture (taking photos), edit and output a set of 24 images typically in ~5 minutes. Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography will work with all lighting and a variety of different turntable options. Shutter Stream 360 is not only the most advanced and professional 360 product photography software, it is also the easiest and can be used by users of any skill level to create high quality 360 product photography in just minutes. See the complete list of 360 software features

The included 360 Product View Creator software allows users to compose the set of individual frames into an interactive 360 product view that can be easily embedded into any website. 360 product view output are fully customizeable, include user interactivity (click and drag mouse control & deep zoom) and available in 4 different output options (view 360 product photography examples).

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Workflow

Step 1 - 360 product photography turntable software workflow

Step 1: Enable Live View and Place Object

This will stream a real time preview of what the camera sees onto the monitor screen. It is important to visually place the object as close to the center of the turntable as possible.

Step 2: Pre-Rotate Turntable

Users will want to pre-rotate their turntable and watch on the monitor screen to ensure object is spinning on axis, in the center of the turntable. By being able to watch on the monitor screen from the cameras perspective, it will be easier to tell if the object has been placed correctly. 360 Live View mode also supports grid markers and a centering tool to help users with correct positioning.

Step 2 - 360 product photography turntable software workflow

Step 3: Pre-Crop Subject

Users will next enable the Crop tool then click and drag over the object in the Live View Window using the mouse. This will allow users to define the area of the frame to be shot. After crop has been defined, pre-rotate the turntable to ensure the object doesn’t fall outside the crop markers. If it does, simply adjust the crop markers accordingly.

Step 4: Adjust Camera Settings

Optional – Users can make changes to camera settings through mouse clicks while in the software to adjust for exposure. As camera settings are changed, the Live View window will adjust in real time to simulate exact exposure.

Step 3 - 360 product photography turntable software workflow

Step 5: Adjust Focal Point

Users have the ability to manually adjust their focal point through mouse clicks. This can be done while viewing close up at 1:1. After a focal point has been set, this will remain Fixed from shot to shot.

360 product photography turntable software 2

Step 6: Capture a Set of Images

Shutter Stream 36o includes 4 different turntable shooting options in which the software can automate 360 image capture. These include:

  • Iconasys USB Turntable – Automated image capture – synchronizing camera snap with turntable movement in a turn, stop, snap workflow
  • Manual Photography Turntable – Automated image capture (user define number of frames and to capture every X second) in which user will simply position turntable after each camera capture. Or Manual Capture – Click the ‘Snap’ button in the software when ready to capture each angle
  • Continuous Turntable (consistent spin motorized turntable) – User defines the spin duration of their turntable and the frequency of capture (ex. turntable takes 60 seconds to spin one complete 360 – this will be entered as duration, then for example, if user wants to shoot 30 frames, user will define to capture an image every 2 seconds).
  • Shutter Release Turntable – Turntables with a Shutter Release port can be used with Shutter Stream 360 to streamline the workflow. Users define the number of stops per 360 on the table, then as the turntable triggers the camera capture at each angle, images will be uploaded into Shutter Stream 360.

Step 5 - 360 product photography turntable software workflow

Step 7: Batch Image Editing

Users will select the entire set of images captured from the Thumbnail Viewing Gallery inside the program and enter into the editing area. In here, users can make image enhancement and background adjustments (from grey to white) to a single image then chose to apply the editing changes to the entire set of images.

Step 8: Batch Image Output

Using the Batch Saving tool, users will rename the set of images, which will be automatically be named in sequential order (ex. Filename-01, Filename-02, Filename-03 etc…). Users can also chose to resize images to a specific pixel width or height and chose a specific output resolution.

360 product view software

Step 9: 360 Product View Composition

Now that images have been exported from the Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software to a local or network folder, users will want to compose these into a 360 output. This can be done with the included 360 Product View Creator software OR users can work with any 3rd party 360 image hosting provider or 360 imaging software. View 360 Product Photography examples

360 Product View

View 360 with 24 frames
View Outside of iFrame Window (mobile)

Shutter Stream 360 Also Includes Video Capture Capabilities: