360 Product Photography Features

360 Product Photography Software Features Overview

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software is the only complete, end to end software designed for 360 product photography. Most solutions available are piecemeal and only include 360 image composition. While these programs are great, they miss out on streamlining workflows and controlling the important variables during the most important part of the workflow – image composition and 360 image capture. We carefully studied 360 product photography workflows and integrated every aspect of this workflow, while employing tools that not only will control all important variables during the composition, shooting, editing and 360 view creation processes, but will significantly streamline the entire workflow – increasing efficiencies by about 800% – saving users time, money and effort with every 360 view created. Click to Watch Real Time 360 Product Photography Workflow Video

360 Product Photography Composition & Capture Features

Live View

Live View will stream a large real time preview of what the camera sees to the main viewing window in the center of the Shutter Stream UI. This is the first step in the 360 product photography workflow. While in Live View users will want to place their object in the center of the turntable and pre-rotate while watching on the monitor to ensure the object has been positioned correctly. It is much easier to ensure an object is spinning on axis when viewing on the monitor from the cameras point of view. Watch Video

Camera Settings Adjustment

Users have the ability to adjust Camera Settings through mouse clicks and view the exposure simulation in the Live View window on the monitor screen. Camera Setting changes can be made to: Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Exposure, White Balance and Flash. After a user has set their camera settings, these can be saved and retained from shot to shot to ensure for consistent image exposure when shooting 360 product photography. Watch Video


Set & Fix Focal Point

In addition to camera settings, users can adjust focal point through mouse clicks and fix this so the same focal point will be used for every shot in the 360 shooting sequence. A consistent focal point is especially important in 360 product photography.


Cropping is something users will almost always be required to do in 360 product photography. Traditionally, this is a step that is done in image editing software after a set of images has been captured and it can be a timely process too – trying to crop a set of images to the exact same size and ratio can be a demanding and timely process. Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software provides users the ability to Pre-Crop their subject while in Live View mode – before even capturing an image. Users will click and drag their Crop marker over their subject in the Live View window and then rotate the turntable to ensure the object is not falling outside the crop markers as it rotates. After the crop has been set, as images are captured, they will instantly be cropped – the best part – the crop is retained from shot to shot – to ensure for consistent cropping in every image. Users can define the Crop in a specific ratio (Square or Custom Ratio) if required. Crop cannot be applied to RAW image format. Watch Video

Image Overlay

The Image Overlay feature can be used as a tool to help users position objects correctly in the center of the turntable when shooting 360 product photography. Users will create an Overlay of an object (ideally one that has been positioned correctly) while in Live View mode and by doing so, a semi-transparent image will be placed over top the Live View window that can be used to help guide your next product’s placement. Multiple Image Overlays can be created and saved into the program the enabled at any time. Watch Video

360 Image Capture

Shutter Stream 360 automates and streamlines 360 Product Photography when working with a variety of 360 photography turntables. These include:

Iconasys Computer Controlled Photography Turntable: How it Works Video
Manual Photography Turntable: How it Works Video
Motorized Photography Turntable: How it Works Video
Shutter Release Photography Turntable: How it Works Video

By clicking Snap in the program, it will send a command to the camera through USB to capture the image. The image is captured (with the set Crop) in a fraction of a second then sent back to the Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography program and uploaded within seconds for viewing. Shutter Stream 360 will retain all important variables (Camera Settings, Focal Point and Crop) to ensure users of any skill level are able to create high quality image set over a 360 rotation. Images can be captured in JPG and/or RAW format.

360 Focus Stacking

This feature is ideal for shooting jewelry, gemstones and other types of Macro 360 Product Photography. The Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software from Iconasys automates the 360 Focus Stacking Photography workflow by creating a sequence of focus stacked images as an items rotates over a 360 rotation. Watch Video

Image Editing, Process and Output Features

Automated Background Removal

The automated background removal tool in Shutter Stream 360 is a great tool that will help minimize or completely eliminate the need for manually cutting out images from their backgrounds. This tool uses image recognition algorithms to understand where a product is versus where the background is and can then allow users, in a batch process to the entire set of images captured in 360, remove the background in a single click (see additional info here). This tool can have difficulties with objects that don’t have any contrast with the background and some shadows. If required, users can use this tool in conjunction with the manual cut out background removal tools. The background removal tools included in Shutter Stream are a sure way to save time and effort when shooting 360 product photography. The Automated Background Removal Tool does not support RAW format images. Watch Video

Image Editing, Enhancement & Color Correction Tools

Shutter Stream 360 incorporates a powerful editing suite that includes features comparable to many of the industry leading image editing programs. The editing tools are user friendly so users of any skill level can operate. Editing features include image enhancement, digital retouching, background adjustment to pure white (levels and curves), add canvas, color correction amongst others.  For 360 product photography, users are able to making editing changes to a single image then apply it to the entire set of images with a single click. Users can also create Editing profiles – these are a series of adjustments that can automatically be applied an image or set of images either inside of the Editing area OR when outputting images from the program. Both Batch Editing and Editing profiles are a sure way to further enhance 360 product photography efficiencies. Shutter Stream 360 does not provide the ability to edit RAW format images. Watch Video

Batch Image Resizing, Renaming & Output

Multiple product images can be saved with one click to a specific directory (local or network). Included in the Batch Image Saving feature is batch image resizing (pixels), resolution adjustment (web or print) renaming and watermarking. Renaming is automatically defined with a numerical suffix (options for -1, -01 or -001) for composing with the included 360 Product View Creator software OR any 3rd party 360 image composition or hosting platform (Filename-01, Filename-02… Filename-xx). Watch Video

Dynamic Saving

Looking to save images for multiple different applications? For example, the original images for archival, the images for the 360 Product View at 800 pixels wide and a set of images at 72 DPI at 150, 500 and 1000 pixels wide for use as still images on your website.  The Dynamic Save tool is perfect for helping automate output specific for your requirements. Captured images can be instantly saved for multiple uses with a single mouse click. Users have the ability to save a their set of images multiple times in different output formats (JPG, TIFF, PNG or RAW), at different sizes (pixels) and Resolutions (DPI) to different directories (local and network). Users can also chose to automatically apply an Editing Profile and add a Watermark during the export process. Images can also be transferred directly to your own FTP site during output. Naming can be completely customized as well based on each set being output. After a Save Profiles has been created, it can be saved and used as a default preset. This feature can be used in conjunction with the Image Editing tool and is sure to help streamline the product photography workflow specific to your requirements. Watch Video

Image Annotation

Interested in 360 product photography for  business communication? Consider the Image Annotation feature. Users can instantly apply annotations and mark up images to any image(s) from the 360 set then compose into an interactive 360 product view with the annotations present. Watch Video

360 Product View Composition

Creating a 360 Product View

After the 360 product photography image capture, editing, processing and output has been completed, users can now import their images into the included Iconasys 360 Product View Creator. Users can batch import their images and in seconds can output an interactive 360 file that can then be hosted and easily integrated into any website using embed code or an iFrame. Output is in HTML5, MP4 and 360 Animated GIF format. The Iconasys 360 Product View Creator software allows users to fully customize their output and support a number of features. Click here for additional information. Click to view 360 Product View Examples