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Training: Iconasys 4 & 6 Light LED Studio Lighting Kits

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Whether shooting models, large equipment, apparel, accessories, small parts or even jewelry, Iconasys LED Studio Lighting Kits are sure to yield professional quality, color accurate results every time. For those with a wide range of products, in different shapes and sizes, they will provide the flexibility required. Users of any skill level, from novice to professional, can expect to start creating high quality results within minutes of set up

Iconasys LED Studio Lighting Kits can be used as stand-alone lighting and/or can be used with:

  1. Shutter Stream Product Photography Software: Automate and streamline your product photography workflows while creating high quality product images with pure white backgrounds.
  2. 360 Product Photography Turntable: Work with an Iconasys  photography turntable to automate 360 product photography workflows – allowing users to create high-quality 360 product photography with pure white backgrounds in just minutes.

Iconasys LED Studio Lighting Kit Resources:

LED Studio Lighting Set-up Guide

Iconasys LED Studio Lighting Kits are available in 2 sizes, please select the correct lighting kit below to view set-up instructions and lighting diagrams:

4 LED Studio Lighting Kit

6 LED Studio Lighting Kit

Questions? Purchases include free technical support, please contact our support team who will be happy to assist you.

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Additional Resources: Iconasys LED Studio Lighting Kit’s

Additional user documentation is as follows:

LED Studio Light User Guide

LED Studio Light Wireless Remote User Guide

LED Studio Light Set-up Video:

Connecting Wireless Remote for Dimming Adjustment