Training: Small LumiPad 360 Lighting Kit

Training: Small LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting

Small LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting Kit 2

The Small LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting Kit is designed for both still and 360 product photography and will enable users to create high quality, professional, & color accurate product images. This Product Photography Lighting Kit includes perfectly diffused panels at different lighting intensities to provide a small scale high key lighting technique (to achieve product images with white backgrounds).  The modular design allows users to adjust front tower light positioning to the subject to create desired lighting effects for both small and medium sized objects up to 12 x 12 x 12″.

The Small LumiPad 360 Lighting Kit can be used as stand-alone lighting and/or can be used with:

  1. Shutter Stream Product Photography Software: Automate and streamline your product photography workflows while creating high quality product images with pure white backgrounds.
  2. 360 Product Photography Turntable: Work with an Iconasys  photography turntable to automate 360 product photography workflows – allowing users to create high-quality 360 product photography with pure white backgrounds in just minutes.

Iconasys Small LumiPad Lighting Turntable Resources:

Small LumiPad 360 Lighting Set-up Guide

The Small LumiPad 360 Lighting Kit will walk customers through the hardware set-up and include lighting diagrams and overview video.

Questions? Purchases include free technical support, please contact our support team who will be happy to assist you.

Small LumiPad 360 Product PHOTOGRAPHY Lighting UNBOXING VIDEO: