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The Iconasys LumiCube 360 Photography Light Box is an integrated light box with built in turntable designed for shooting small to medium size objects such as jewelry. When using LumiCube 360, users can expect to create professional grade still product images, 360 product photography and 360 product videos fast and efficiently – no experience required. 

The Light Box is designed to work with 1 of 2 applications:

  1. Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software: Works with a long list of compatible cameras and includes camera control functionality. View User Guide
  2. Iconasys 360 Turntable Controller Software: Designed to work with any camera that has a Shutter Release port.

After purchase, you would have received an email with software download link and instructions. If for any reason this was not received, please email contact (at) and request us to resend.

Important Notes:

  1. If purchased with the Shutter Stream 360 Software, please be sure to follow the Compatible Camera Set up Guide prior to working with the program
  2. After software download, install, and at the time of first software launch, it is important users register the software (registration instructions). This will ensure the license does not expire.

Iconasys LumiCube 360 Photography Light Box Resources:

Hardware Set-up

The LumiCube 360 Photography Light Box set up is straight forward and should only take minutes. Please see the LumiCube 360 set up guide which will walk through step-by-step instructions for getting started.

The hardware set up guide also includes instructions for using the LumiCube Light Box Accessories:

Quick Start Guide using Shutter Stream 360 Software

The Quick Start Guide is for customers whom have purchased the LumiCube 360 Photography Light Box with the Shutter Stream 360 + Video Software. This will walk through software install, registration, camera set-up and steps for creating your first 360 Jewelry Photography shoot and includes great video resources for working with the Shutter Stream 360 Software.

Shutter Stream 360 + Video Software User Guide

The User Guide takes a deep dive into the entire Shutter Stream 360 + Video Software features and functionality. This will provide an indepth explanation of each software feature and discuss how to use each feature.

LumiCube 360 Photography Light Box Video Resources

360 Product Photography Workflow:

Still Product Photography Workflow:

Shutter Stream Software Features Overview Video:

Composing a 360 Product View Overview Video:

Questions about the Iconasys LumiCube 360 Photography Light Box?

All purchases include 1 year free technical support. Answers to commonly asked questions (FAQ’s) can be found in our knowledgebase portal (see here). You can also reach out to our dedicated support department so we can work with you one-on-one to provide answers and help. All Technical Support contact options can be viewed here.

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