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Product Overview

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software (learn more) integrates Image Composition and Capture tools (compatible camera control via mouse clicks) with Image Editing (single or batch image editing and automated background removal), Image Processing and Image Output tools (batch resizing, renaming, watermarking etc..) into a single program. This turnkey product photography software significantly increases workflow efficiencies saving users both time and effort. In addition to time savings, Shutter Stream is designed for users of any skill level to create better quality product photography that is consistent from shot to shot. Trusted by over thousands of customers globally, including some of the worlds largest brands, Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is the perfect tool for businesses who shoot product photography in house.


Shutter Stream Product Photography Software

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Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Overview:

How much time, money & effort are you currently spending on product photography? Are you interested in increasing workflow efficiencies while enabling users of any skill level to create high quality results? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Shutter Stream is the product for you. Shutter Stream refines product photography workflows by integrating camera control functionality with image editing & processing tools into a single stand alone application. The result being an easy to use program that can increase efficiencies by up to 800% and enable users, regardless of experience, to create high quality results. Shutter Stream is the perfect solution for businesses who shoot in-house product photography (or who are looking to bring product photography in-house).

Designed specifically for multiple business applications, Shutter Stream Product Photography Software allows users to control compatible camera settings & hardware functions (including picture taking) via mouse clicks through USB communication. As images are captured they are instantly uploaded to the program within seconds. Incorporated inside the program is an Image Editing & Processing suite that provides users the ability to Batch Edit, Process, Output high quality product images. Shutter Stream is designed to work with any product photography studio or lighting environment. However when using the included Automated Product Photography Background Removal Tools within Shutter Stream Software, we suggest using an Iconasys Product Photography Lighting Kit to ensure they operate correctly.

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software How it Works Video:

Software Features

For complete list of software features (and video overviews), please see the Shutter Stream Features Overview Page


  • Automated Image Capture/ Upload
  • Camera Settings Control (Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance)
  • Camera Focal Point Control (capture in Auto Focus or Manual Focus)
  • Pre-Crop (crop in free form, custom ration(ex. 8 x 5) or at perfect square)
  • Image Overlay (create and save unlimited image overlay profiles / adjust transparency level)
  • Image Rotate (90, 180, 270-degrees)
  • Auto Image Transfer (to 3rd party application)
  • Focus Stacking (via plugin – optional upgrade)
  • and more…

IMAGE EDITING TOOLS (can be instantly applied after capture or batch applied to a set of images using a single click):

  • Crop: Free form, square or custom ratio (use with image alignment tool for batch cropping)
  • Automated Background Removal Tools (learn more)
    • Magic Wand Tool: Select  background pixel color and define using a tolerance to remove similar color pixels from the image
    • Background Removal Using Reference Image: Uses image recognition to understand product vs. background and will auto cut the background
    • Dual Shot Background Removal: Capture images at two different exposures and use the underexposed image as the mask image to auto cut product from background
    • Auto Apply Edits: While not a traditional background removal tool, users can create and auto apply and editing profile to image(s) to achieve pure white backgrounds
    • Chroma Key Background Removal: Select a chroma key color (red, green or blue) to be auto-cut from an image
  • Lasso (free form cut out tool: add/remove frame, inside/outside polygon)
  • Add Canvas (bottom, top, left, right, bottom+top, left+right)
  • Color Correction: Color Temperature and Tint Adjustments
  • Hue
  • Sharpness
  • Exposure: Brightness, Contrast Saturation
  • Levels (includes set white and black point color pickers)
  • Curves
  • Rotate
  • and more…

IMAGE PROCESSING/OUTPUT TOOLS INCLUDE (can be applied in a batch process):

  • JPG, TIFF, PNG, RAW image formats
  • Renaming
  • Resizing
  • Watermarking
  • Resolution Adjustments
  • Dynamic Saving (save multiple images at multiple different formats (JPG, TIFF, PNG, RAW), image sizes, resolutions, to different locations, with/without watermark etc..)
  • Add Image Metadata (copyright, author etc..)


  • Mac OS X & Windows compatible (complete OS specifications)
  • Compatible with over 70 cameras (compatible camera list)
  • Includes User Guide & Training Videos
  • Easy to use for users of any skill level
  • Create better quality product images
  • Increase photography workflow efficiencies

Purchase Terms

  • Shutter Stream Product Photography Software (delivered digitally)
  • 7 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee (from the date of purchase)
  • Purchase includes: Set up Instructions, User Documentation & Video Training Resources
  • Perpetual Software License (no mandatory recurring monthly or yearly fees)
  • 1 Year Free Technical Support via Chat, Email, Phone & Screen Sharing (learn more)
  • 1 Year Free Software Upgrades ($129 for an additional year – optional)
  • Purchase Terms & Conditions (see here)
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