Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software

360 Product Photography Software Overview

Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software is the fastest, easiest and most affordable option for 360° product photography. It includes Image Composition, Capture (compatible camera control), Image Editing (can be applied in a batch process to an entire set of images shot over a 360), Image Processing (batch resizing, renaming, watermarking etc..) and 360 Product View Creator Software that outputs web-ready 360 product views in various formats including interactive HTML5 & MP4 + 360 Animated GIF and standard MP4 video output that are completely customizable. Shutter Stream 360 automates image capture with photography turntable movement in one of 4 photography turntable shooting modes. Get started today with creating 360 Product Photography for your website!


Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software

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Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software Overview:

Looking to affordably, easily and efficiently create 360 product photography? If so, Shutter Stream 360° Product Photo Software is the product for you. Shutter Stream 360° refines the 360 product photo workflow by integrating camera control features (connect compatible camera through USB to computer) with image editing, processing and output tools into a single offering. Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software is an easy to use program that controls all important variables required for creating high quality 360 product views in just minutes.

Shutter Stream 360 allows users to control compatible camera settings & hardware functions (including picture taking) via mouse clicks through USB communication to make creating 360 product photos efficient and easy for the user. The program will control all variables required to make creating high quality 360 product views a success. As images are captured they are instantly uploaded to the program within seconds. After a set of images has been captured over a 360 rotation, users have the ability to batch editing, process and output the set of images that can then be uploaded into the included 360 Product View Composer software to create an interactive 360 product view. Shutter Stream 360 includes 4 turntable shooting modes (see workflow videos tab for videos communicating each 360 shooting mode):

  1. Iconasys Computer Controlled 360 Photography Turntables: Iconasys Computer Controlled Photography Turntables are professional grade and will allow users to automate 360 image capture at unparalleled speeds. The Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable range includes a total of 6 photography turntables that differ in pricing, size and functionality. Working with an Iconasys Photography Turntable and included Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software, users simply connect a compatible camera and turntable via USB to the computer (Mac and Windows compatible) and the entire 360 product photography process is automated by integrating image capture (user defines number of frames to capture per 360 rotation) with turntable movement in a turn, stop, snap workflow. As images are captured, they are uploaded into the Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software where users can batch edit, process and output (individual frames and/or 360 product view).

  2. Manual 360 Photography Turntables: Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software will work with manual photography turntables of any size. This option will be the most affordable option however requires users to manually position their turntable at even intervals during the 360 shooting workflow. The manual photography turntable image capture workflow can be either:
    Automated 360 Capture – Users will program to capture between 4 and 360 frames at every X number of seconds – the user in this case will simply be required to manually re-position the turntable at each interval after the camera snaps.
    Manual 360 Capture – Users can choose to manually capture an image at each angle by mouse clicking the Snap button in the program. Users can also define to re-enable Live View immediately after capture should they wish to use the Live View window as a positioning aid.

  3. Motorized (continuous spin) 360 Photography Turntables: Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software will work with a wide variety of 360 motorized (continuous spin) photography turntables. The program completely automates the 360 product image capture process making it a hands free, efficient and affordable option. Users will simply input:
    Turntable Spin Duration – Users will want to time their turntable and the amount of time it takes to spin one complete 360 rotation. This time is entered into the software and will be responsible for the total image capture time (to ensure you do not capture more or less than 360 degrees). We typically suggest a turntable that is < 1 RPM.
    Image Capture Frequency – This variable defines how often an image is captured (in seconds and up to 2 decimal places). The program can capture an image up to every 2 seconds.

    For example, should a user have a turntable with a spin duration of 100 seconds and wish to capture 25 images/360. The image capture duration will be every 4.00 seconds (100/4.00 = 25). Users can expect to compose, capture, edit and output a 360 product view with 24 frames in less than 5 minutes in this workflow.

  4. Shutter Release 360 Photography Turntables:

    There are many 360 Photography Turntables that can be found in the open market that have built-in shutter release capability. That is, the turntable can be pre-programmed to tell the camera to capture X number of images per 360 rotation, often stopping at each location then sending the capture command to the camera via shutter release cable. Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software can further streamline this automated image capture workflow by allowing users to take advantage of the image composition tools (live view, optimize camera settings, pre-crop, set focal point etc.), then instantly upload the images into the program after capture, then batch edit and compose a 360 product view output.

    Shutter Release Turntables are often more expensive however for those who already have one or who are looking for an automated turn, stop, snap workflow, Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software is a worthwhile investment that will further enhance workflow efficiencies and ease of use.

Shutter Stream 360° Product Photography Software Examples:

Looking to Further Automate your 360 Product Photography Workflows?

Iconasys 360 Photography Turntables

Iconasys 360 Photography Turntables are designed with quality, precision, functionality and speed in mind. All turntables are computer controlled and will aid in the creation of:

360 Product Photography: User defined frame count, automated image capture in a turn, stop, snap workflow. Use with Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software to automate the entire 360 product photography workflow including image composition, capture, upload, editing and 360 Product View Creation. 

360 Product Videos: Variable speed rotation (10 options) to automate smooth, consistent rotation. Use with Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography & Video Software to automate 360 product view record capture, upload and video frame extraction (optional).

Still Product Photography: For users looking to automate still product photography, consider an Iconasys turntable and use with the Custom Defined Shooting ModeUsers pre-define a series of shooting angles (ex. 0, 45, 90, 130, 245, 300) and the software will automate image capture in a turn, stop, snap workflow. This is a great option for those looking to streamline still product photography workflows while replicating consistent shooting angles.

Workflow Videos

Iconasys Computer Controlled Photography Turntables:

Manual Photography Turntables:

Motorized (Continuous Spin) Photography Turntables:

Shutter Release Photography Turntables:

Software Features

  • Automated 360 Image Capture: 4 Turntable Shooting modes designed to automate and streamline 360 image capture workflows:
    • Iconasys Computer Controlled 360 Photography Turntables
    • Manual 360 Photography Turntables
    • Motorized (continuous spin) 360 Photography Turntables
    • Shutter Release 360 Photography Turntables
  • Output:
    • Individual frames (JPG, TIFF, PNG, RAW) and/or
    • 360 Product View (*Interactive HTML5, *Interactive MP4, Animated GIF, MP4 Video). 360 Product Views are completely customizable (spin direction, spin rate (speed), click and drag sensitivity, mouse wheel zoom, player style, player buttons style and color (even import your own buttons), hot-spot image tagging, inertia, watermarking, zoom in/out, size etc.) and include many *interactive tools (click and drag, player control buttons, zoom in/out, hot-spot image tagging, multi-row 360 product views, inertia)
  • Large Real Time Preview + Camera Settings Adjustment: View images before they are even captured using the real time preview streamed from the camera on to the monitor screen. While in Preview Mode, users have full control over camera settings and can adjust with a real time preview (Aperture, Shutter Speed, White Balance, ISO)
  • Centering Items: Real-time preview to easily position object in center of turntable
  • Set & Fix Focal Point: Includes auto focus and manual focus adjustments (via mouse clicks). Set and fix a focal point for 360 shooting
  • Pre-Crop: While in live view, and while previewing 360 rotation, users can define a pre-crop which will be auto applied during capture process. Crop can be defined in free form, square or custom ratio (ex. 8 x 5)
  • Image Overlay: Used as a tool to help object positioning in the center of the photography turntable
  • Focus Stacking 360 Product PhotographyCreate focus stacked 360 product views. Simply set near and far points, number of captures/stack and focus stacking processing settings then hit go, the software will automate the capture and processing (available with purchase of the Focus Stacking Plugin)
  • Batch Image Editing: Make editing changes to a single image then apply to all in a batch process (includes automated background removal, magic wand tool, lasso tool, image enhancements, color correction, add canvas, transform (rotate) & levels/curves)
  • Auto Image Editing: Create and save an editing profile that can be automatically applied to image sets during output
  • Automated Background Removal Tools: Achieve pure white or transparent backgrounds in an automated and batch process (learn more)
  • Batch Image Processing: Batch image renaming, resizing, resolution adjustments, watermarking and image formats. Also includes meta-data (copyright, author etc..)
  • Batch Image Output: Save to local, network or Dropbox folder and/or transfer directly to FTP. Dynamic Save mode also allows users to output the set of images multiple times (one click) at multiple different sizes, resolutions, editing profiles, watermarks, names to different locations
  • Web-ready 360 Product Views you can Host yourself: Easily upload to your own server and embed the 360 views into your site or send to social media channels
  • 360 Hosting Service (optional): 360 Product Views can be uploaded directly to our Stream server after creation. Users get 3 free months included with purchase
  • Direct Image Transfer: Send image(s) directly to any 3rd party application after capture
  • Still Image Capture Mode: Create professional quality still images in seconds (how it works video)
  • AgiSoft Integration: Direct integration into AgiSoft for users looking to create 3D models using 360 image sets (Agisoft software license not included in purchase)


  • Mac OS X & Windows compatible (complete OS specifications)
  • Over 70 Compatible Cameras (compatible camera list)
  • Includes User Guide & Training Videos
  • Fast, Efficient & Easy 360 Product Photography
  • Automated 360 Image Capture Modes (4 turntable shooting modes)
  • Includes 360 Product View Composition Software
  • Easy to use for users of any skill level
  • Increase 360 product photography workflow efficiencies

Purchase Terms

  • Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software (delivered digitally)
  • 7 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee (from the date of purchase)
  • Purchase includes: Set up Instructions, User Documentation & Video Training Resources
  • Perpetual Software License (no mandatory recurring monthly or yearly fees)
  • 1 Year Free Technical Support via Chat, Email, Phone & Screen Sharing (learn more)
  • 1 Year Free Software Upgrades ($129 for an additional year – optional)
  • Purchase Terms & Conditions (see here)
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