Platinum XL Turntable 360 Hanging Kit

Product Overview

The Platinum XL Turntable 360 Hanging Kit is designed for use with the Platinum XL 360 Photography Turntable and will allow users to shoot 360 Product Photography and 360 Product Videos of suspended items. This is a great accessory for any product that wont sit upright on the turntable surface. User will be required to invert the table and provide a device to suspend the turntable to utilize the Hanging Kit. The Platinum XL Hanging kit purchase does not include the turntable nor the acrylic table top. Please contact us if any questions on how to suspend turntable.


Platinum XL Turntable 360 Hanging Kit

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Hanging 360 Product Photography Examples

Hanging 360 Product Video Examples

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions30 × 10 × 10 in


Platinum XL Turntable 360 Hanging Kit:

– Compatible with the Platinum Series XL Turntable
– Includes: 4X Turntable Feet Mounts (to suspend inverted) and 8X Steel Eyebolt Hooks & Nuts
– To be used while turntable is inverted upside down (ex. hanging upside down from a platform)
– Does not include turntable nor acrylic table top
– Designed for suspending items up to 20 lbs (9  kg)

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