Platinum Series Turntable – Extender Kit

Product Overview

The Platinum Series Turntable 360 Extender Platform is designed for use with either the Platinum LRG or XL Photography Turntables and will provide support for using larger platforms on the turntable. The Extender Legs kit includes 4 extender bars with caster wheels set to the exact height of the turntable platform.  The Platform Extender Kit can be used with Platforms larger than 42″ (106cm) in diameter. Platform not included.


Platinum Series Turntable – Extender Kit

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Platform Extender Kit

For users looking to shoot large objects, the Platform Extender Kit is designed for use with either the Platinum LRG or Platinum XL Series Turntables and will add functionality for adding a larger platform (note, larger platform not included). The Platform Extender Kit includes 4 extender legs with raised caster wheels that will sit flush with the turntable surface. Set up is quick and easy, simply screw in the caster wheels, then secure the extender legs into the bottom of the turntable and you’re all set!

The Platform Extender Kit can be used with Platforms from 42 – 72″ (106cm – 182cm) in diameter.

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions24 × 6 × 6 in


Platform Extender Kit Specifications

– Compatible with Platinum Series LRG or XL Turntables
– Support extends to 39.3″ (100cm) diameter
– Aluminum frame construction
– 4X 23.6” (60cm) platform extenders include 35mm caster wheels
– Turntable leg mounts
– For use with platforms  42” or larger (106cm +)
– Does not include platform

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