Platinum Series XL – 360 Photography Turntable & Software

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Platinum Series XL – 360 Photography Turntable & Software


The Iconasys Platinum Series XL 360 Photography Turntable includes Shutter Stream 360 software and is designed for fast & efficient 360 product photography. This aluminum constructed turntable is perfect for small (macro photography) to large size objects up to 500 lbs. The turntable includes a custom designed worm gearbox (56:1 torque reduction) to enable unparalelled performance and accuracy when shooting 360 Product Photography of larger and heavier objects. Users can define to shoot from 4 to over 10,000 frames per 360 rotation, in which the included Shutter Stream 360 software will automate image capture in a turn, stop, snap workflow. Shutter Stream 360 also includes batch image editing, processing & output (individual frames (JPG, TIFF, RAW, PNG) + interactive 360 Product Views in HTML5 or MP4, 360 Animated GIF and standard MP4 video output).

Turntable highlights include:

  • Optimal for shooting small to large size objects up to 500 lbs (227Kg) Capacity
  • 22” (56cm) diameter platform (can use with platforms up to 72” with platform extender (optional))
  • Fast: Capture 24 frames capture in less than 2 minutes
  • Eliminates Vibrations / Bi-Directional (CW/CCW) / 10 Variable Speed Settings
  • Unparalleled accuracy of 0.03-degrees

Included Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software streamlines the 360 Image Capture, Editing Processing and Output process through automation. Software highlights include

  • Camera Control: Control all camera hardware commands (via mouse clicks through software). Large real time preview helps compose images/preview 360 rotations (compatible cameras)
  • Automated 360 Image Capture + Image Upload: Integrates image capture with turntable movement in turn, stop, snap workflow
  • Batch Image Editing Tools: Background removal, color correction, image enhancement tools applied in a batch process
  • Batch Image Processing + Output Tools: Resize, rename, resolution, format (JPG, RAW, PNG and/or TIFF)
  • 360 Product View Composition: Compose individual images into web-ready 360 product view in Interactive HTML, Interactive MP4, Animated GIF or MP4 Video output

All Iconasys purchases include a perpetual license (no mandatory monthly or yearly fees) and have no limits. Purchases include 1 year free technical support (via chat, phone, email & screen sharing), software upgrades and free group training sessions.


SKU: (0062) Platinum XL Turntable + (0051) Shutter Stream 360


– USB Controlled 360 Photography Turntable
– Includes Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software (features list)
– Automated 360 Product Photography (turn, stop, snap workflow)
– Create 360 Product Views in Just Minutes – No experience necessary
– Capture from 4 to >10,000 Frames / 360 Rotation (accuracy to 0.035 degrees)
– Also Great for Creating  360 Product Videos
– Aluminum Constriction  / Custom Worm Gear Box / Break – no whiplash / 56:1 Torque Reduction
– Native Compatible on Mac OS X and Windows (OS compatibility list)
Compatible camera list
– 22” (56 cm) Diameter Platform / 500 lbs (227 Kg) Capacity
– Bi-direction (clockwise/counter clockwise) & Variable Speed Control (0.2 – 2.2 RPM)
– Includes White Acrylic Turntable Top
– Platform Screw holes to Mount Large Platform
– Supports 110 – 240V / Power Supply – 105 – 250v in  / out 2.5 Amps
– 2 Year Warranty (covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use)
– SDK available

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Purchase Terms

– Create unlimited 360 Product Views (unbranded)
– No recurring mandatory monthly or yearly fees
– 2 Year hardware warranty  (covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use)
– Software is delivered in the form of a digital download
– Single user license (install on a single computer)
– Perpetual software license (will work forever)
– 1 year free support + software upgrades ($129 for each additional year – optional)
– 7 day money back guarantee from date of software install
– Multi-unit & license purchase discounts are available (please contact us if interested)
– Software Maintenance Agreement

Detailed Information

Platinum Series XL: Heavy Duty 360 Photography Turntable Overview:

Iconasys Platinum Series XL 360 Photography Turntable is designed for  accuracy, longevity, efficiency and professionalism. The XL Turntable is capable of holding up to 500 lbs., and includes a 22″ platform with screw mount holes to secure a larger platform. The design consists of a highly precise stepper motor (includes a micro driver) that is controlled via software commands (USB). The turntable uses a custom worm gearbox with a 56:1 torque reduction for unparalleled performance with heavy and large objects. The custom gearbox also ensures for high accuracy (0.036 degrees) and provides users the ability to capture from 4 to over 10,000 images in a single 360 rotation. The XL photography turntables includes bi-directional control (clockwise/counterclockwise) as well as variable speed control (up to 2.2 RPM). The Iconasys Platinum XL 360 Photography Turntable outperform any photography turntable on the market and is the perfect tool for all 360 product photography and 360 video requirements. SDK available – please inquire within to find out more.

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software Overview:

Included Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software allows users to control turntable movements (direction control, speed control, microsteps control etc..) and will integrate with a long list of compatible cameras for both 360 product photography and 360 video. The 360 product photography workflow is entirely automated – simply set number of frames per 360 (from 4 – over 10,000) and hit start – the software will integrate camera capture with turntable movement in a turn, stop, snap workflow. Included in the Shutter Stream 360 software is batch image processing tools that enable users to further streamline their 360 product photography workflows. These tools include:

  • Image Editing Suite (automated background removal, chroma key background removal, color correction, levels, curves, lasso cut out tool, image enhancement tools etc.) – can be applied in batch process
  • Image Processing (batch image renaming, resizing, watermarking, resolution adjustments etc..) – Output still images in JPG, PNG, TIFF or RAW format
  • 360 Product View Creation – Output in interactive HTML5 or MP4 format. Output also avaialble in Animated GIF and/or standard MP4 video format for sharing in social media channels and marketplaces.

In just minutes users can expect to capture, edit, process and output a web-ready 360 product views.

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