360 Photography Turntable Lighting Kit

360 Photography Turntable Lighting Kit
360 Photography Turntable Lighting Kit 2360-Photography-Turntable-Lighting-Kit-2360 Photography Turntable Lighting Kit 6

360 Photography Turntable Lighting Kit


Looking to create high quality 360 product images? The Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable Lighting Kit is the perfect low cost solution for lighting objects when shooting images over a 360 rotation. The kit includes 3 lights and 9 bulbs – all daylight balanced to ensure color accurate product images every time. The boom (top) light has adjustable height and will work great with white plastic turntable surfaces to ensure for consistent, white backgrounds. Use the 360 Photography Turntable Lighting Kit with an Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable and Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software as a complete solution that will guarantee high quality, web-ready 360 product views in jut minutes.

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3 – Studio Softboxes (Double Diffusion Technology)
8 – 45W 5,500K Daylight Balanced Bulbs1 – 105W 5,500K Daylight Balanced Bulb
3 – Light Holders (2 support 4 bulbs each)
3 – Softbox Stands (1 boom for top light)

*Photography Turntable purchased separately

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Purchase Terms

30 Day Warranty
7 Day Money Back Guarantee (20% restocking fee)

Detailed Information

3 x Studio Light Softboxes:

  • High-quality nylon construction.
  • Two 20″L x 28″W  softboxes
  • One 20″L x 20″W softbox for top light
  • Double diffusion technology

8 x 45W Daylight Bulbs & 1x 105w Light Bulb

  • Total 8 x 45w + 1 x 105w = 465w (Equal to 2,000 watts light output)
  • Daylight balanced 5,500k Bulbs
  • Average life 8,000 hours.

2 x High Quality 4 Light Holders:

1X High Quality Single Light Holder

2 x 7 feet Light Tripod Stands:

  • Max height – 7 ft., Min. Height – 3.5 ft
  • Professional quality aluminum frame
  • Extra wide angle footprint for stability.
  • Folding frame design for easy storage

1 x Studio Boom Stand

  • Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Solid Locking System
  • Length of Arm : Min 30″ – Max 55″
  • Height of Tripod : Min 3 1/2ft – Max 7ft