360 Jewelry Photography Hanging Kit

Looking to shoot 360 Jewelry Photography of necklaces, earrings and other suspended items? The Iconasys 360 Jewelry Photography Hanging Kit is designed to work with our Silver Series Jewelry Photography Turntable, Platinum LRG 360 Photography Turntable or our LumiCube 360 Jewelry Photography Light Box. It will allow users to shoot 360 Product Views and 360 Product Videos of suspended items such as jewelry and other light weight objects that wont sit flat on a surface. The center stem includes two mounts:

  • Plate Mount: This is designed for hanging necklaces and similar type objects in 360. Users can also use clear fishing line with this plate to suspend objects
  • Hook Mount: Designed for shooting hanging earrings and similar type objects in 360

Working with this kit is simple and straightforward, simply place the object on the mount then connect it to the turntable collar. The extra strong magnet in the stem will securely connect to the center of the turntable collar.

In order to work with the 360 Jewelry Photography Hanging Kit, users will be required to mount the turntable upside down (ex. sitting on a platform with a hole cut in the middle of it).

If interested in a hanging kit for heavier objects, please consider the Silver MID 360 Photography Turntable and 360 Hanging Kit.

SKU (0099) Silver Jewelry Hanging Kit Category


360 Hanging Photography Examples

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 5 in


  • Compatible with Iconasys Silver Series Jewelry Photography Turntable
  • Support for objects up to 0.7 lbs (0.32 kg)
  • Turntable sold separately


Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable Hanging Kit Overview Video:

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