32″ Product Photography Studio

32" Product Photography Studio
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32″ Product Photography Studio

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High quality product photography is an important consideration for online retailers and businesses in general. This budget friendly set up will enable users, regardless of experience, to create high quality results in house fast and efficiently. The IconaSys 32” Photography Light Box Kit includes 3 – 28 x 20” softboxes and is optimized for small/medium sized product photography up to 22 x 22 x 22”. Looking to create high quality product images in just seconds? Try the 32″ Product Photography Studio with Shutter Stream Product Photography Software.

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  • Shoot Products up to 26 x 26 x 26”
  • 32” Photography Light Box made out of Nylon Fabric
  • 3 – 28 x 20” Softboxes
  • 2 – Adjustable Softbox Stands
  • 3 – 65W Fluorescent Bulbs (5,500K)
  • 4 – High Quality Backgrounds (4 colors)


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Detailed Information

The 32” Photography Light Box Kit is an entry level product photography lighting kit that will allow users to produce high quality results. In just seconds, users are able to create color accurate product images that can be used for use in a variety of business applications that include eCommerce/website, eBay, catalog, quality control and business communication. The nylon fabric light box perfectly diffuses light to minimize harsh lighting on reflective products. Utilize the 32” Photography Photography Studio with Shutter Stream Product Photography Software to further increase in-house photography quality, ease of use and efficiencies. This studio is perfect for small to large sized products up to from 1 x 1 x 1” up to 22 x 22 x 22” and will also work great with the Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntable. Included with the photography lighting kit is:

1X -Soft Light Box:

  • 32 x 32 x 32″ photography lighting tent
  • High quality white translucent nylon fabric square tent
  • Carrying case
  • Easy setup
  • Convenient storage

4X – Backgrounds:

  • Size: 46″ L x 23″ W
  • 4 Colors: Red, Black, White and Blue
  • Material: Front– Velvet, Back – Polyester
  • Velcro design for mounting backgrounds
  • Can also be used with no background or own background material

3X – 65w lamps:

  • 3X 65w 5500k florescent spiral bulbs
  • 8,000 hour life

3X – Softboxes

  • 28″x 20″ softboxes
  • Positioned left, right and top of Light Box
  • 11″ to 18″ height adjustable stands for holding side light softboxes
  • Reflective inside material for even light dispersion