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Still & 360 Product Photography Lighting

Did you know that 90% of photography quality comes down to correct lighting?

Iconasys Product Photography Lighting

We understand not everyone is a professional photographer – that is, not everyone understands how to correctly set lighting when shooting product photography. With years of experience and expertise in product and in-studio photography, Iconasys set out to design and deliver professional grade product photography lighting solutions that can be used by anyone.

Iconasys manufactures a wide range of product photography light box’s, modular lighting kits and studio photography lights that will yield color accurate, professional grade product photography in seconds. Lighting ranges in size from small macro/jewelry photography light box’s to entire studio kits designed for shooting large objects up to 7 x 7 x 7 feet!

Iconasys Product Photography Lighting is optimal for:


All Iconasys Product Photography Lighting Options Include:

Iconasys Product Photography Lighting Example 2

  • Long Life LED Bulbs: Rated for up to 50,000 hrs, an Iconasys lighting solution will provide for years of use
  • High CRI Bulbs (95+): Ensures for the highest color fidelity when shooting product images
  • Daylight Balanced: Create color accurate results
  • Dimmable: Adjust LED light intensity (available on LED Studio Lights, Jewelry Photography Lightbox & LumiPad 360 Lighting Systems)
  • Free Premium Technical Support: We not only sell you the product, we’re here to make sure you are using it correctly and achieving the best quality results. Support available via: Phone, Chat, Email & Screen Share

No matter what your product photography requirements, size or type of objects, Iconasys has a solution that will work for you.

Iconasys Product Photography Lighting Example

Iconasys Table Top Product Photography Light Box’s

(Use for Still or 360 Product Photography Photography)

Iconasys offers a range of table top product photography light box’s that will enable users of any skill level to create high quality product images in house. All studios are designed for use with Shutter Stream Product Photography Software and the included automated background removal tool to allow users to easily and efficiently create web or catalog ready product images with white or transparent backgrounds. Studios can also be used stand alone and will eliminate the guesswork of how to product photography lighting. By shooting better quality images, users can expect to save time and effort in post production image editing.



Jewelry Photography Light Box


Product Photography Lightbox

Product Photography Light Box


LumiPad 360 Photogaphy Light Boxes

LumiPad 360 Photography Light Box


LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting System’s

Iconasys LumiPad LED 360 Photography Lighting Systems are the perfect modular solution for Still and 360 Product Photography. These systems include a large back lit LED panel with two tower lights that are used up front to illuminate the object being photographed. These systems, while designed initially to be used with an Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntable for 360 Product Photography (Real-time Workflow Video for 360 Photography using LumiPad Lighting), but will also do a great job for still product photography (Real-time Workflow Video for Still Product Photography using LumiPad Lighting). With a LumiPad 360 Photography Lighting System, users can expect to create professional grade still & 360 product images with pure white backgrounds, no experience necessary! All LumiPad 360 Lighting Systems use dimmable, evenly diffused, high CRI (95+), daylight balanced bulbs (5,600K) to ensure high quality, color-accurate results every time. LumiPad 360 packages are available in 3 different sizes. If using for still imagine, consider a clear acrylic shooting platform

Small LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting

Small LumiPad 360 Lighting System

1X Backlight Panel: 16 x 16 x 3″ (40 x 40 x 7.6cm)
2X Front Tower Light: 16″ tall (40cm)

Medium LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting

Medium LumiPad 360 Lighting System

1X Backlight Panel: 24 x 24 x 4″ (61 x 61 x 10cm)
2X Front Tower Light: 24″ tall (61cm)

Large LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting

Large LumiPad 360 Lighting System

1X Backlight Panel: 34 x 34 x 4″ (86 x 86 x 10cm)
2X Front Tower Light: 34″ tall (86cm)

LumiPad: Stand-Alone LED Photography Light Panels

Iconasys LumiPad LED Photography Light Panels can be used as bottom or back lighting panels to achieve white backgrounds when shooting product photography. These panels contain high CRI LED daylight balanced bulbs that are easily diffused to ensure for maximum color accuracy. LumiPad Light Panels are a great addition to existing product photography lighting set ups and will save users time and effort in post production image editing.

Used as a Bottom Light Panel: These LED Light Panels are designed to work with existing photography lighting set ups and will eliminate shadows and reflections while providing a very consistent background – saving users a lot of time and effort in image editing workflows. Simply place the panel on the floor and set products on top of it to eliminate shadows. This is a great lighting option that is designed for use with the Shutter Stream Automated Background Removal tool.

Used as a Back Light Panel: Many Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable customers will use a LumiPad as a high-key background behind the turntable. This will guarantee 360 product product photography with pure white backgrounds.

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A incredibly high end LED Studio Light without the professional price tag. The long awaited Iconasys LED Studio Light® has arrived! We have spared no expenses with the Iconasys LED Studio Light. 50,000 hours means it will likely last forever, 5,600 K color temperature means impeccable color fidelity with 95+ CRI, 10,000 Lx means super bright and the ability to dim the light (via LCD on light or wireless remote) means you can achieve any lighting effect you are shooting for. The aluminum alloy frame used in this compact LED fixture ensures durability while the on-board fan and aluminum heat shield allow for working with these lights for long duration’s without having to worry about overheating. Professional LED lighting by Iconasys are designed for users of any skill level looking to create high quality results and is sure to not disappoint. Each Iconasys LED Studio Light includes:

  • 1X Iconasys LED Studio Light®: High CRI (95+), Daylight Balanced (5,600K), Ultra Bright (>10,000 Lx), Dimmable, Aluminum Heat Shield (maintain low operating temp), 110-240V, 50/60Hz
  • 1X Remote: Dim Iconasys LED Studio Lights® via remote control. 99 channels 2.4G wireless remote control (range up to 100 feet)
  • 1X Softbox:  High Quality 24 x 36″ (60x x 90cm) softboxes  include inner reflective paneling and dual diffuses to ensure for high quality product images
  • 1X Adjustable Light Stand: High quality light stands made of thick aluminum profile tubing are adjustable from 39″ (100cm) to 100″ (254cm) tall

Iconasys LED Studio Lights

Large Product Photography Studio Lighting Kits

Looking to photograph larger objects or products? Iconasys Professional Studio Lighting Kits provide a complete studio set up that includes daylight balanced, high CRI (95+) dimmable LED Studio lights, white photography backdrop and backdrop stand. Use these affordable, yet high quality lighting kits to shoot high quality product images with white backgrounds. Included with each kit is a professional lighting diagram set up guide and free technical support.

Large Studio lighting Kit

4 Light Product Photography Studio

The Iconasys 4 Light Professional LED Studio Kit is ideal for shooting objects from 4 x 4 x 4″ (10 x 10 x 10 cm) up to 48 x 48 x 60″ (120 x 120 x 152cm). Suggested operating space for this set up (minimum): 7 x 9 x 10 feet (L x W x H).


6 Light Product Photography Studio

The Iconasys 6 Light Professional LED Studio Kit is ideal for shooting objects from 4 x 4 x 4″ (10 x 10 x 10 cm) up to 72 x 72 x 80″ (182 x 182 x 203cm). Suggested operating space for this set up (minimum): 12 x 12 x 10 feet (L x W x H).