Photography Lighting from Iconasys

Iconasys Product Photography Lighting Studios

Did you know 90% of image quality comes down to the correct lighting? Iconasys manufactures (line of LED Studios) and sources product photography lighting kits. Each lighting set up has been tested with Shutter Stream Product Photography Software to ensure high quality results can be obtained instantly. Take your product photography to the next level with a lighting set up from Iconasys.

Iconasys LED Product Photography Studios (Still Imaging)

Our LED Product Photography Studios that are designed for users of any skill level to create professional quality, shadow free  product images in just seconds.

Iconasys has taken the guesswork out of high quality imaging by designing product photography light box that eliminates lighting variables. All Product Photography Studios sport high CRI LED bulbs that will ensure color accurate results every time. Evenly lit LED’s are perfectly diffused from both the floor and back of the studio while the reflective internal walls will cast soft light on the product to generate evenly exposed images. By shooting the correct result the first time, users can significantly minimize time spent in image editing. Watch Real-Time Workflow Video – Shutter Stream + LED Studio


Jewelry Photography Light Box


Product Photography Lightbox

15″ Product Photography Light Box


23" Product Photography Lightbox

25″ Product Photography Light Box


LumiPad 360 Photography Lighting System (Still + 360 Imaging)

Iconasys LumiPad LED 360 Photography Lighting Systems are the perfect modular solution for Still and 360 Product Photography. These systems include a large backlit LED panel with two tower lights that are used up front to illuminate the object. These systems, while designed initially to be used with an Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable for 360 Product Photography (Real-time Workflow Video for 360 Photography using LumiPad Lighting), will also do a great job for still product photography (Real-time Workflow Video for Still Product Photography using LumiPad Lighting). With a LumiPad 360 Photography Lighting System, users can expect to create professional grade still & 360 product images with pure white backgrounds, no experience necessary! All LumiPad 360 Lighting Systems use evenly diffused, high CRI, ultra-bright LED bulbs to ensure high quality, color-accurate results. LumiPad 360 packages are available in 3 different sizes.

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LumiPad LED Product Photography Lighting System 01

Iconasys – LumiPad LED Photography Light Panels

Photography LED Light Box

The Iconasys LumiPad line of LED Photography Light Panels can be used as bottom or back lighting panels and contain high CRI LED daylight balanced bulbs to ensure for maximum color accuracy.
Used as a Bottom Light Panel: These LED Light Panels are designed to work with existing photography lighting set ups and will eliminate shadows and reflections while providing a very consistent background – saving users a lot of time and effort in image editing workflows. This is a great lighting option that is designed for use with the Shutter Stream Automated Background Removal tool.
Used as a Back Light Panel: Many Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable customers will use a LumiPad as a high-key background behind the turntable – to shoot 360 product views with pure white backgrounds.

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Large Photography Lighting Studio Kits