Shutter Stream for eCommerce Product Photography


There is no doubt product photography is an important consideration for the eCommerce business. In a recent study from R.R Donnely, 93% of customers consider visual appearance the most important factor when shopping online. It is no longer enough to provide a single product image in your eCommerce listing. And if you are solely relying on vendors for your product images, it’s time to reconsider. Providing unique high quality product images and multiple views of each product has its benefits. The last thing you want to have your customer to do is bounce from your site to another because of lack of visual imagery. If this is the case, chances are you have lost the sale.

As product photography is often a strain on operations, typically demanding countless man hours it is no wonder why this task is often neglected. Shutter Stream is designed to increase eCommerce product photography workflow efficiencies – saving your business time, money and effort while enabling users, regardless of photography skill level to create better quality results. It has proven to be an indispensable tool for many current customers and we’re confident, it will be perfect for your business too. How it Works

Looking to take your eCommerce product photography to the next level? According to a recent Adobe Survey, 42% of mobile users say that a 360 product view is the visual feature that would most likely increase their likelihood of purchasing a product from a mobile device. We can assume this translates into visitors from Desktop Browsers as well. Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software is the perfect tool for creating 360 product views for your eCommerce site. Shutter Stream 360 will allow users to easily, efficiently and affordably shoot 360 spin sets in house and create web-ready product animations (that can be viewed on both web and mobile devices). The software is designed to work with any photography lazy susan (we also manufacture a high quality photography turntable) and users can expect to compose, capture, edit, process and output a 360 product view composed of 24 frames (users can choose to shoot more or less images) in ~5 minutes. If you are looking to get started in 360 product photography and not looking to spend a fortune (on average turntable + software solutions cost ~$2,000), this is the solution for you. Benefits of 360 product photography include increased conversion rates, customer satisfaction, customer retention, on page visit duration and decrease product returns.


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Shutter Stream will Increase eCommerce Product Photography Efficiencies

Online retailers can afford to offer a wider array of product assortments due to the low cost of merchandising in eCommerce. Shelf space is virtually free with the average product page taking up less that 1 MB of space. Of course, to put these product on sale, you need to provide customers visual representation of what you are selling – this is done effectively through high quality product images with views from multiple angles OR through 360 product photography. The drawback is the time, effort and cost typically associated with taking and editing product photography.

Shutter Stream is a guaranteed way to increase eCommerce product photography workflow efficiencies. On average, it takes about 5-7 minutes to compose, capture, edit and process a web ready image. Shutter Stream is a single, stand alone application that integrates every aspect of the product photography workflow (taking pictures, uploading, sorting, editing, resizing, renaming and output). On average a customer can expect to shoot 4 different angles of a single product, then edit, resize, rename and output in less than a minute. 360 product photography with 20 images and a manual photography turntable is a process that will take <5 minutes to create and output a high quality web-ready result.

If your business has an ongoing need for eCommerce product photography, Shutter Stream is an investment that will pay for itself through product photography workflow efficiencies (saving time and money). Shutter Stream includes a satisfaction money back guarantee and can be purchased at the Buy Now Page.

How Unique eCommerce Photography Will Help Improve SEO?

It is no longer enough to settle on product images provided by a vendor. Vendors typically provide only a single image, one that is inconsistent with the images provided by other vendor’s. Providing customers additional views will increase consumer confidence when purchasing online and will lead to increased conversion rates. Last, unique product images will increase SEO value for your site and will further differentiate your store from your competitors.

Why Outsourcing eCommerce Product Photography is not a Viable Option

Although outsourcing to a professional photographer will almost always guarantee professional product images, the costs associated with it are often overwhelming. In addition, this cost is often recurring as new product lines and introduced and seasonal inventory turns over. Take control of photography in-house and shoot at your own discretion, on your own timeline and shoot as many images/product views as required. Shutter Stream eCommerce Photography Software will work with any lighting environment and makes high quality product photography simple for anyone on staff.