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Catalogs have historically been an important means of marketing to the consumer. With the emergence of the world wide web, we more recently have seen catalogs transform into digital form. Regardless of web or print, catalogs must be visually appealing to the viewer. More specifically, the products being marketed must be photographed correctly to communicate effectively. Shutter Stream Product Photography Software allows users, regardless of experience to instantly Compose, Capture (JPG/RAW) and Output high quality images for web or print catalog use. Not only will the Image Capture portion of the software enable users to efficiently and easily capture professional grade product images, the Image Processing Tools provide a user friendly solution for editing, background removal, processing (image size/resolution) and output (JPG, TIFF, PNG). How it Works

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is the perfect money saving solution for any business. Whether a professional or an amateur taking the images, utilizing Shutter Stream Product Photography Software will optimize workflows by eliminating tedious, time consuming steps common in photography.

For those with digital catalogs, 360 product photography will further enhance communicating products online. Shutter Stream 360 product photography software will allow users to easily create high quality 360 product views in just minutes. In addition, Shutter Stream is the most affordable 360 product photography solution and can be used with any semi-automated or manual photography turntable.

catalog product photography

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