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Selling on eBay or Amazon? If so, we probably don’t need to stress to you the importance of high quality product photography. The bottom line, the better quality the images, the more angles and detailed views that are being offered, the higher the chance of converting the buyer. This holds especially true for when selling used or unique items as there may be some discrepancies in the product or some special features you wish to highlight in the product images.

We have seen a big push as of recent to standardize product photography on both Amazon and eBay. Amazon is calling for images with consistent pure white backgrounds and with eBay’s new photo requirements being recently published, it looks like they are trying to increase imaging consistencies as well. Both policies call for unique product images if you have opted out of using the standard stock images. And if you are already using unique product images, good for you – these will help improve sales efforts and pricing.

Currently we have many customers who use Shutter Stream for their Amazon and eBay product photography requirements. They are using the program to control every aspect of their product photography workflow (picture taking, upload, sorting, editing, renaming, resizing and watermarking (allowed in eBay and Amazon Webstores)) to get their images to meet the eBay or Amazon image guidelines. How it Works

Looking to take your product images to the next level? If so, consider 360 product photography. Shutter Stream 360 product photography software make creating 360 product views fast, efficient and affordable for users of any skill level.

Product Photography with White Backgrounds for Amazon/eBay

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Amazon Product Photography White background

Amazon Product Photography White background

Amazon Product Photography White background

Amazon Product Photography White background

Amazon Product Photography White background

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Over 3,500 customers in 40 countries trust Iconasys for their Product Photography Requirements. Here are a few:

Increase eBay/Amazon Product Photography Efficiencies, Ease of Use and Quality

We understand many eBay and Amazon sellers are not professional photographers. We also understand most are operating lean businesses and do not have hours to spend on taking, editing and optimizing product photography for product listings. This is what we took into account when developing Shutter Stream Product Photography Software – to provide users, regardless of experience, an efficient way to capture, edit and process high quality results in a single, stand alone application. Shutter Stream provides all tools necessary to achieve image quality to meet both eBay and Amazon image requirements and current customers have said increased efficiencies between 500 and 800% vs. their old workflows. Specific tools included in the software allow users to set up custom profiles for even further enhancing the workflow – such as the Dynamic Save Tool. Maximum image quality for users of any skill level can easily be obtained as users can control image exposure (through adjusting camera settings) and focal point adjustment directly through mouse clicks while in Live View mode. Shutter Stream is sure to provide an easy and streamlined product photography workflow that will minimize time and effort while maximizing results. All purchases include a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Why Better Image Quality will Help Selling on eBay / Amazon

Although outsourcing to a studio will almost always guarantee professional product images, the costs associated with it are often overwhelming and doesn’t make sense for the eBay / Amazon seller. Take control of your product photography and shoot at your own discretion, on your own timeline and as many images as required.

Why Outsourcing Amazon / eBay Photography is not a Viable Option

When selling on eBay or Amazon, better quality product photography equals increased sales revenue/conversion rates. Often users will compare product first on price then next on product imagery. High quality product images will set the online seller apart from the competition and increase the chance of getting the sale. Shutter Stream is the perfect tool for eBay and Amazon product photography and is a investment that will provide guaranteed ROI. Create professional quality images in seconds – regardless of experience.

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