Medical Photography Solutions

Iconasys has emerged as the leader in integrated still & 360 product photography solutions by delivering professional grade do it yourself photography solutions. Since launch in 2014, we have gained the trust of thousands of customers globally – including some of the largest retailers (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Macy’s), brands (Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Adidas) and professional photographers. Our software controlled product photography solutions are sure to make creating high quality still and 360 Product Photography easy for users of any skill level, while increasing workflow efficiencies up to 1,000%.

No matter what your photography requirements, whether for Amazon Product PhotographyeCommerce Product Photography or for internal communications, Iconasys has you covered. We offer a wide-range of solutions for still and 360 Medical Photography requirements. Solutions include stand-alone still & 360 Product Photography Software, Professional Grade Lighting Solutions and 360 Photography Turntables.

Over 7,000 customers in 50 countries trust Iconasys for their Still & 360 Product Photography Requirements. Here are a few:

The Iconasys Advantage...

Iconasys is the global leader in still & 360 product photography solutions for small to medium size businesses, enterprises and professional photographers alike. Our customer first consultative approach, paired with piecemeal offerings allows us to deliver solutions based on a customers specific requirements. We vow never to oversell and guarantee best in class software, hardware and image quality, workflow efficiencies, ease of use and functionality. 

Product Value

All Iconasys solutions are a one-time purchase and have no mandatory recurring monthly or yearly fees. We outcompete on price and offer the lowest cost ownership in the industry.

Ease of Use

Iconasys designs professional grade solutions that can be operated by users of any skill level to easily and efficiently create high quality product photography and video in-house.

Product Quality

Iconasys has a proven track record of exceptional quality. All purchases include a satisfaction guarantee while our software and hardware provide best in class quality.

Customer Support

We sell you the product and are here to ensure you make the most of your investment. All purchases from Iconasys include one year free premium technical support.

Photography Automation Software

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software

Shutter Stream Photography Automation Software is the perfect application for business who operate in the Health Care Industry. Whether it’s a doctor having to shoot images of organs or the medical device manufacturer having to shoot product shots for catalogs and web, Shutter Stream will make high quality imaging efficient. Shutter Stream combines a Camera Capture Program with a back end Image Editing and Processing Software into a single program that allows users regardless of experience to Capture, Edit and Process high quality Medical photography in seconds. Businesses are currently spending too much time and money capturing images in house.  This is no longer the case with Shutter Stream. Shutter Stream will enable anyone on staff  to create high quality results in seconds for various applications which can include marketing, Quality Control and Design & Development. Shutter Stream Photography Software is a sure way to save time and effort while enabling anyone on staff to create high quality results.

"Shutter Stream has proven to be an indispensable tool that has not only helped with image quality and consistencies, but also significantly increased our photography workflow."
iconasys customer quote: White
Demian Broussard
Senior Designer, The Shoe Mart

360 Photography Solutions for Medical Use

A great way to enhance visual communication in the online space is 360 product photography. Iconasys has emerged as a leading provider of 360 product photography software, turntables and integrated turnkey systems. Our solutions automate 360 image capture by controlling turntable start and stop while integrating camera snap at each angle. Users are able to define frame count for the complete 360 rotation and as images are captured, they are uploaded directly into the included Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software where users can then batch edit and process the image set. Next users can compose the individual frames into an interactive 360 product view in multiple formats that can be easily embedded into a website

“Whatever I bought had to be simple and create professional results. To my amazement, within 15 minutes of installing software and connecting turntable, I was able to get my first 360 Product View – it worked seamlessly. Easy to setup, easy to use and with fantastic results. Even for a guy who had ZERO prior experience.”
iconasys customer quote: White
Mark Lipp
CEO, Co-sulting
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