Still & 360 Jewelry Photography Solutions

Creating high quality images of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, diamonds, gem stones and broaches is widely considered the most difficult form of product photography. Iconasys has developed  Solutions for still, 360 jewelry photography and 360 jewelry videos that aid users to achieve high quality results, regardless of photography experience. Included in the Iconasys line of Jewelry Photography Solutions include stand-alone software designed to enable users to create better quality photos while significantly increasing workflow efficiencies, jewelry lighting studios, 360 jewelry photography turntables and 360 jewelry video turntables. No matter what your jewelry photography requirements, Iconasys provides solutions that are sure to provide immense benefits. Feel free to contact us should you require assistance in deciding what Iconasys still or 360 Jewelry Photography solution will best fit your unique requirements.

Create professional grade still and 360 Jewelry Photography in seconds

Shutter Stream Software for Jewelry Photography

Shutter Stream Software (Mac/Windows) is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals who have to photograph jewelry. Common jewelry photography workflows are fragmented and require many steps to achieve the high quality results required. Shutter Stream Software for jewelry photography introduces automated workflows at a level unrivaled by any other applications. Shutter Stream integrates camera control, image composition, image capture, image editing, automated background removal, image processing and output tools into a single stand alone program (see complete list of features here). There is even an option for Focus Stacking. This turnkey software is designed for users of any skill level and includes a very intuitive UI layout. Camera control and capture is controlled entirely through mouse clicks and as images are captured they are uploaded to the program in seconds for instant review. Image Editing, Background Removal (to transparent or pure white) and Image Processing can all be applied in a batch process with a single click of the mouse. Users can expect to increase workflow efficiencies up to 1,000% which allows Shutter Stream Jewelry Photography Software to pay for itself simply in time savings. The program can be used with any existing lighting equipment or can be used with an Iconasys jewelry photography lighting kitSee How it Works Video below (using Shutter Stream Software and Jewelry Photography Light Box).

Jewelry Photography Software: How it Works Video

Jewelry Photography Solutions trusted by thousands of leading brands, retailers & professionals including:

Iconasys 360 Jewelry Photography Clients 01
Iconasys 360 Jewelry Photography Clients 06
Iconasys 360 Jewelry Photography Clients 02
Iconasys 360 Jewelry Photography Clients 04
Iconasys 360 Jewelry Photography Clients 05
Iconasys 360 Jewelry Photography Clients 03

Jewelry Photography Light Box's and Lighting Kits

LumiCube 360 Jewelry Photography Light Box

The Iconasys LumiCube 360 Jewelry Photography Light Box will allow users to create professional grade still and 360 jewelry photography and 360 jewelry videos fast and efficiently. This software controlled jewelry photography light box takes the guesswork out of jewelry photography. Users can simply place a product and expect to easily create:

  • Create Still Jewelry Photography in Seconds
  • Create Web-ready 360 Jewelry Photography in <3 minutes (example)
  • Create 360 Jewelry Videos in <30 seconds (example)

The LumiCube 360 Jewelry Photography Light Box includes built in bottom, back, top lighting that is dimmable and color adjustable. A built in turntable allows to 360 jewelry photography and video creation.

Iconasys LumiPad 360 Lighting Kits are perfect for still and 360 jewelry photography! These 3 light kits include a single LED backlight panel and two front tower lights that can be positioned and arranged accordingly to create desired lighting effects and professional images in seconds. Benefits include:

  • Daylight Balanced / High CRI LED Lighting
  • Dimmable Panels
  • No Photography Experience Required
  • Color Accurate & Professional Images Everytime

Use with Shutter Stream Software to automate still imaging workflows or with Shutter Stream 360 Software and an Iconasys 360 Jewelry Photography Turntable to automate 360 jewelry photography workflows.

"Shutter Stream has proven to be an indispensable tool that has not only helped with image quality and consistencies, but also significantly increased our photography workflow."
iconasys customer quote: White
Demian Broussard
Senior Designer, The Shoe Mart

360 Jewelry Photography

360 Jewelry Photography Software

Interested in selling more jewelry online? Consider 360 Jewelry Photography – which has been proven to be an effective online merchandising tool to help increase conversion rates. Iconasys offers a wide variety of 360 Jewelry Photography solutions that are sure to fit anyone’s budget. Our Shutter Stream 360 Jewelry Photography Software (Mac/Windows) is not only the most professional application, but also the most efficient by integrating automated 360 image capture (camera control software), with batch image editing, processing, and 360 Jewelry View output tools. Shutter Stream 360 is designed to work with a wide array of jewelry photography turntables including manual, motorized, shutter release and our own computer controlled photography turntables. Users can output a set of individual frames or a fully customizable, interactive 360 jewelry image in multiple formats that supports click and drag mouse control and deep zoom (mobile optimized). Regardless of which type of photography turntable, users can expect to create 360 Jewelry Photography in about 5 minutes per product when using Shutter Stream 360 Software. It is also the most professional 360 imaging software in the industry and supports advanced features such as 360 product photography focus stacking when purchased with the optional Focus Stacking plugin. See How it Works Video when using the LumiCube 360 Jewelry Photography Light Box:

Workflow Video: Create 360 Jewelry Photography with White Backgrounds

Click on thumbnail below to view 360 jewelry photography example

360 Jewelry Photography Turntables by Iconasys

Iconasys offers a wide variety of manual and computer-controlled 360 Photography Turntables that will automate and streamline 360 Jewelry Photography and 360 Jewelry Video creation workflows. Our flagship line of computer-controlled turntables can be used with the stand-alone Turntable Controller Software to automate image capture with any camera through Shutter Release commands while our Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography + Video Software controls a long list of compatible cameras to automate the entire 360 Jewelry Photography Workflow – including image capture, editing, processing and 360 view creation. Our most popular options for 360 Jewelry Photography:

  • Silver Series Jewelry Photography Turntable: Designed specifically for shooting rings, diamonds and gemstones, the Iconasys Jewelry Photography Turntable has a 4″ (10 cm) diameter platform and can hold up to 1 lbs (0.45 kgs / 16 oz.). This turntable connects via USB to computer and software will automate the entire image capture workflow in a turn, stop, snap workflow based on user defined number of shooting angles (up to 6,400 frames per 360 rotation). Users can also shoot hanging jewelry in 360 using the hanging kit accessory, suspended earrings using the 360 Earring Hanging Kit and vertically mount rings using the 360 Ring Mount Kit. In addition to automated 360 Jewelry Photography, users can also automate the capture and creation of 360 Jewelry Videos using the 360 video capture mode. 
  • Silver Series MID Photography Turntable: This table includes larger platforms of 11.75″ (28 cm) and 15.75″ (40cm) and can hold up to 25 lbs (11 kg). It will be great for  gemstones and smaller jewelry items such as rings and also great for larger items such as 360 Watch Photography or a necklace on a bust. Software will control this turntable, completely automating the 360 image capture workflow (up to 8,520 images/360 rotation). The Silver MID Turntable also includes the ability for creating 360 jewelry videos. Optional ccessories include 360 photography hanging kit (use to suspend necklaces, earrings and even watches), the 360 Earring Hanging Kit (suspend a pair of earrings) and the 360 Ring Mount Kit (for mounting rings vertically).
  • Iconasys Manual Jewelry Photography Turntable: The manual photography turntable sports a 9″ (22.8 cm) diameter platform and supports up to 10 lbs (4.5 kg). This turntable includes 72 laser cut notches around the circumference which act as guide markers when positioning the table for the next shot (making it ideal for shooting 72/36/24/18/12/9 or 8 frames / 360 rotation. It is designed specifically as an entry level turntable and comes at a very attractive price point for those with smaller budgets looking to partake in 360 jewelry photography. When used with Shutter Stream 360 Software, the software can automate the entire image capture process, requiring the customer to simply re-position the table by hand to each shooting angle (Shutter Stream 360 Manual Photography Shooting Mode Video)
360 photography hanging kit: 400w

360 Jewelry Video Creation Tools

Iconasys turntables are perfect for creating 360 Jewelry Videos. Our turntable support variable speed control (10 different speed settings) and automate the 360 Jewelry Video record process by syncing camera video record start/stop with turntable movement (user defined spin range). User simply sits start, which will trigger video record start with turntable movement and after defined spin range has been captured, the video record will automatically stop and then the video will be uploaded to the computer for editing and processing (if required).  A backup of the video will also be saved to the cameras internal storage (ex. SD card). Learn more about Iconasys 360 Product Video Solutions. Below are 360 Jewelry Videos created using the Iconasys Silver Series 360 Jewelry Photography Turntable:

To get some ideas for your website, Iconasys has compiled some of the Industry Leading eCommerce Sites for Jewelry Photography:

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