Dental Lab Photography: Still & 360 Imaging Solutions

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software

Shutter Stream Photography Software is a great application for Dental Labs who shoot photography in house and are looking to enable users of any skill level the ability to create high quality images fast and efficiently. Whether it’s the Lab having to shoot images of crowns and molds or the dental office having to shoot intraoral images, Shutter Stream will make high quality imaging efficient. Shutter Stream combines a Camera Capture Program with a back end Image Editing and Processing Software into a single program that allows users regardless of experience to Capture, Edit and Process high quality Dental photography in seconds. Labs are currently spending too much time and money capturing images in house.  This is no longer the case with Shutter Stream. Shutter Stream will enable anyone on staff  to create high quality results in seconds for various product photography applications which can include Photography for Quality Control and Photography for Product Design & Development. Shutter Stream Photography Software is a sure way to save time and effort while enabling anyone on staff to create high quality results.

360 Photography Solutions for Dental Labs

A great way to enhance visual communication in the online space is 360 product photography. Iconasys has emerged as a leading provider of 360 product photography software, turntables and integrated turnkey systems. Our solutions automate 360 image capture by controlling turntable start and stop while integrating camera snap at each angle. Users are able to define frame count for the complete 360 rotation and as images are captured, they are uploaded directly into the included Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software where users can then batch edit and process the image set. Next users can compose the individual frames into an interactive 360 product view in multiple formats that can be easily embedded into a website

Iconasys Photography Automation Tools Dental Lab Photography are fast, easy and efficient for users of any skill level. By enabling your employees with Shutter Stream, expect to save thousands of dollars per year while creating consistent, high quality results.

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