Coin and Collectibles Photography

Create High Quality Still & 360 Product Images In-House

Looking to create high quality coint & collectibles photography in seconds? Look no further. Iconasys has created solutions specifically for the coin & collectibles industry that enable users, regardless of experience, to efficiently create professional grade images. Included in the Iconasys line Photography solutions include software solutions designed to streamline photography workflows, LED Lighting Studios designed to create high quality, shadow free results and 360 Product Photography Turntables for automated 360 Product Photography. Additional info is as follows below:

Iconasys is an innovator in studio photography space by developing and delivering do it yourself product photography software, turntables and lighting that enable users to create high quality product images in house fast and efficiently. Since launch in 2014, we have gained the trust of over 7,000 customers globally – majority of which whom are using our solutions on a daily basis for their product photography requirements.

Iconasys offers a wide-range of solutions that include stand-alone still & 360 Product Photography Software, Professional Grade Lighting Solutions and 360 Photography Turntables that are designed for users of any skill level, from first timer to professional, and with any budget.

Why Iconasys as your Trusted Product Photography Solutions Provider?

  • Software Controlled Photography
  • Designed for Users of Any Skill Level
  • Free Technical Support
  • Development Team with >45 Years Experience
  • Workflow Automation
  • Save Time, Money & Effort
  • Trusted by over 7,000 Customers Worldwide
  • Photography Experts on Staff
  • Professional Grade Results
  • Still & 360 Photography Solutions
  • Pure White Backgrounds
  • Ongoing Active Development of our Software

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software makes achieving high quality Coin and Collectibles Photography fast, simple and affordable for users of any skill level. As coins and collectibles are often unique, high ticket items, it is in the dealers best interest to provide the best quality images possible. By presenting products online with multiple, high quality images, dealers can ensure they get maximum return on the item being sold. It is often that coin and collectible dealers will outsource their photography or spend too much time and effort trying to achieve good results in house – either option can become very expensive.  Businesses can eliminate costly outsourcing and minimize time and effort spent in house when using Shutter Stream Photography Suite for Coin and Collectibles Photography. Shutter Stream will enable the user of any skill level to efficiently capture and process high quality images in seconds.

360 Product Photography of Coins & Collectibles

Looking to increase sales online? Consider 360 Product Photography – which is an effective online merchandising tool to help increase conversion rates. Iconasys offers automated 360 Product Photography Workflow Solutions that allow users to create web-ready 360 product views in just minutes! Our Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software (Mac/Windows) is not only the most professional application, but also the most efficient by integrating automated 360 image capture (camera control software), with batch image editing, processing, and 360 Product View output tools. Shutter Stream 360 can be sold as a stand-alone application and is designed to work with a wide array of 360 photography turntables including manual, motorized, shutter release and our own USB controlled photography turntables. Users can output a set of individual frames or a fully customizeable 360 product view in various formats that support interactive click and drag mouse control and deep zoom (mobile optimized). Regardless of which type of photography turntable, users can expect to create 360 Product Photography in about 5 minutes per product when using Shutter Stream 360 Software. And for smaller objects such as coins and trading cards, consider the LumiCube 360 Product Photography Light Box. A Software controlled 360 product photography light box (built in turntable). Create professional quality still and 360 product photography fast and efficiently– no experience required.

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