Still & 360 Shoe Photography Solutions

Create professional grade still and 360 shoe photography in seconds

Looking to create high quality shoe photography in seconds? Look no further. Iconasys has created solutions specifically for the shoe industry that enable users, regardless of experience, to efficiently create professional grade images. Included in the Iconasys line of Shoe Photography solutions include software solutions designed to streamline photography workflows, LED Lighting Studios designed to create high quality, shadow free results and 360 Product Photography Turntables for automated 360 Shoe Photography. Additional info is as follows below:

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software


Shutter Stream Product Photography Software (Mac/Windows) is the perfect application for businesses in the Shoe Industry. Shutter Stream combines Camera Control, Image Composition, Capture, Automated Background Removal, Editing, Processing and Batch Saving Tools into a single program that allows users regardless of experience to capture high quality shoes photography with white backgrounds fast and efficiently. It is often that businesses are spending too much time, effort and money capturing images in house. Shutter Stream is a sure way to save your business time and effort and enable anyone on staff to create high quality results. Shutter Stream can be purchased as a stand alone application  and used with any existing lighting set up – or can be used with any Iconasys LED Lighting Studio to guarantee professional results and pure white backgrounds. See How it Works Video below (using Shutter Stream Software and Iconasys 23″ LED Photo Studio):



Manual Object Positioning

Automated Still Footwear Photography using Iconasys Turntable

Shoe Photography 1

Shoe Photography 2

Shoe Photography 3

Shoe Photography 4

Shoe Photography 5

Shoe Photography 6

*Click sample to view at 1000 pixels wide


LED Product Photography Light Box

Shoe Photography Light Box’s & Light Kits

Finding the correct lighting for shoe photography can be quite difficult – for any skill level photographer. Iconasys has designed and developed LED Lighting Studios and Lighting Kits that enable users of any skill level to create professional quality images every time. All Iconasys shoe photography lighting set ups include high CRI bulbs to ensure for maximum color accuracy. These lighting kits have also been designed to eliminate shadows and allow users to shoot shadow free, consistently lit objects.

When using an Iconasys Shoe Photography Lighting solution with the Shutter Stream Product Photography Software, users are guaranteed pure white backgrounds through the use of the included Automated Background Removal Tool (which can be applied in a batch process). Expect professional grade shoe images, ready for your web and/or catalog applications in seconds using this combination.

360 Shoe Photography

Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software


Looking to enhance visual communication to your online customers? If so, consider displaying your shoes in a 360 view. 360 Product Photography is an emerging trend that is sure to have a positive effect on your bottom line. Iconasys offers a wide range of 360 Shoe Photography Solutions that fit any budget. Our stand alone Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software (Mac/Windows) includes all features of Shutter Stream (so will also be great for still shoe photography) and integrates functionality to automate 360 image capture and the ability to output an interactive 360 Product Views in multiple formats. Shutter Stream 360 includes automated capture modes for shooting 360’s with an Iconasys USB turntable, motorized turntable, manual turntable and shutter release table. Regardless of turntable, users can expect to capture, edit, compose and output a web ready 360 product view in about 5 minutes per product. See How it Works Video with an Iconasys USB Controlled Turntable:

Iconasys 360 Shoe Photography Turntable Options:

360 photography equipment platinum turntable mid 002

Iconasys Manual Turntable

The Iconasys 18″ Manual 360 Shoe Photography Turntable is a great option for those looking to create 360 Shoe Photography on a budget. The turntable has 72 laser cut engravings around the outside allowing users to effectively adjust shooting angles consistently. It is ideal for shooting 8, 12, 18, 24, 36 or 72 frames over a 360 rotation. When used with Shutter Stream 360, users will use the manual turntable capture mode and define XX number of frames to capture. The image capture workflow can be manual (mouse click the snap button after the turntable is positioned to each angle) or completely automated using the image capture timer (ex. capture an image every 6 seconds). In the later example, users simply adjust the turntable after the camera captures an image until the 360 rotation is complete – allowing for automated capture. As images are captured, they are uploaded into the application where users can batch edit, process and output the set of frames and/or create an interactive 360 product view in HTML 5format. Watch 360 Shoe Photography Workflow using a Manual Turntable

Iconasys USB Turntables

Iconasys USB Turntables work directly with Shutter Stream 360 Photography Software to provide an integrated 360 photography workflow. Users simply connect the turntable to the computer via USB and the Shutter Stream 360 software will control the rest. Users can define the number of frames to capture and after hitting start, the software automates image capture by syncing camera snap with turntable movement in a turn, stop, snap workflow. As images are captured, they are uploaded into the software where users can take advantage of the batch image editing and processing tools to create web ready results. Output can be individual frames and/or an interactive 360 product view in HTML5, MP4 and/or Animated GIF format. For those with high volume 360 photography requirements, an Iconasys USB turntable is likely the best option. Iconasys USB Turntables are available in mutliple sizes for 360 shoe photography. Watch 360 Shoe Photography Workflow using the Iconasys USB Turntable

If you are shooting shoe photography for any application and are interested in a way to not only streamline your workflow, but also increase image quality and enable users of any skill level to create high quality results, Iconasys has a solution that will be a great fit. Should you be interested in a consultation to discuss your requirements further and find out exactly which solution(s) will be best for your requirements, please contact us.

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