Still & 360 Consumer Goods Photography

Still & 360 Consumer Goods Product Photography


Looking for a better, faster and easier way to image Consumer Goods in still & 360 Product Photography?

Iconasys is a leading developer of photography hardware and software solutions for still & 360 product photography. Typically still and 360 product photography workflows are time consuming – involving many mundane tasks – we have attempted to redefine in-studio product photography by automating workflows to ensure for standardized product images while saving users time and effort.

There is many requirements to shoot product photography of Consumer Good items typically found on grocery shelves. These applications included product images for: web/eCommerce, catalog and planogramming. What if we told you there was a better way to shoot your images? One that didnt require a highly skilled photographer and one that increased product photography efficiencies by up to 1,000%… Read Hy-Vee Case Study here

No matter what your requirements, Iconasys still & 360 Product Photography Solutions are a sure way to streamline your in-house product photography processes.

Over 6,000 customers in 50 countries trust Iconasys for their Product Photography Requirements. Here are a few:

360 Product Photography for Shooting Consumer Goods


360 Product Photography Turntable for Consumer Goods

360 Product Photography provides a better way to communicate in the online space. More specifically, in the packaged products industry, often there is important information for the consumer on the packaging itself. 360 Product Photography will provide users the ability to interact with the image to view from any angle they require. When utilizing an Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntable and Software solution, users can expect to create high quality and web-ready 360 product views in about 5 minutes per product. The included Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software (also sold as a stand alone application) communicated with a compatible camera and turntable via USB interface, sending commands back and forth to automate 360 image capture in a turn, stop, snap workflow. The resulting output is the set of individual frames and/or an interactive 360 product view in various formats (including interactive MP4, interactive HTML5 & 360 Animated GIF). See workflow video below: shot using an Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntable

In addition to our 360 Product Photography Turntables and Software, we also offer a variety of 360 Product Photography Lighting Kits that are designed to ensure high quality image quality every time. For example, our LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting Kits create high key lighting technique and are spec’d at 90+ CRI to ensure for high quality and color accurate 360 Product Photography with pure white backgrounds every time! We also offer larger scale LED Lighting Studio kits for shooting larger sized consumer goods.

No matter what your 360 Product Photography requirements, Iconasys can deliver an affordable and easy to use solution that will guarantee professional quality results.


How to Shoot 360 Product Photography of Consumer Packaged Products

Still Product Photography of Consumer Goods using Shutter Stream

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Box

Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is the perfect application for individuals and businesses who photograph packaged products for web, catalog and planogram applications. Shutter Stream combines a Camera Control/Capture Program with a backend Image Editing and Processing Software into a single program that allows users regardless of experience to Capture, Edit and Process high quality packaged products photography in seconds. Included in the application is our Automated Background Removal Tool that will allow users to instantly remove backgrounds from product images and replace with transparency or any RGB color (ex. White). Compared to traditional photography workflows, users can expect to increase efficiencies by up to 1,000% while providing users the tools and knowledge needed to create better quality results. Shutter Stream Product Photography Software is a one time purchase that will prove to be a sound investment for any business or individual taking part in Packaged Products Photography. How it works video is as follows (shot using Iconasys 15″ LED Product Photography Studio + Canon Rebel T5 camera + 18-55mm lens):

Iconasys solutions are designed for users of any skill level and individuals or businesses of any size. We aim to deliver not only the easiest and fastest solutions, but also the most affordable. Get started with an Iconasys solution today for Still and 360 Consumer Goods Product Photography to save time, money and effort. Questions, feel free to Contact Us.