Coin and Collectibles Photography

Coin and Collectibles Photography

Shutter Stream makes achieving high quality Coin and Collectibles Photography fast, simple and affordable for users of any skill level. As coins and collectibles are often unique, high ticket items, it is in the dealers best interest to provide the best quality images possible. By presenting products online with multiple, high quality images, dealers can ensure they get maximum return on the item being sold. It is often that coin and collectible dealers will outsource their photography or spend too much time and effort trying to achieve good results in house – either option can become very expensive.  Businesses can eliminate costly outsourcing and minimize time and effort spent in house when using Shutter Stream Photography Suite for Coin and Collectibles Photography. Shutter Stream will enable the user of any skill level to efficiently capture and process high quality images in seconds. How it Works – Shutter Stream for Coin and Collectibles Photography

Coins and Collectibles Photography

Consistent, professional and color accurate images are important for a variety of applications in the Coin and Collectibles Industry. These can include: Web/eCommerce, eBay, Catalog and Quality Control. The ability to efficiently create high quality images in house will allow businesses to shoot at their own discretion and work on their own schedule in order to meet deadlines.

To get some ideas for your website, Iconasys has compiled some of the Industry Leading eCommerce Sites for Coin and Collectibles Photography:


Sothebys Coin and Collectibles Photography



Shutter Stream is the fastest, easiest and most efficient photography solution available for Coin and Collectibles Photography. By enabling your employees with Shutter Stream, you can count on saving thousands of dollars per year while creating high quality images.