360 Diamond Photography

360 Diamond Photography

DIY 360 Diamond Photography Solutions for Users of any Skill Level

360 Diamond Photography is an emerging trend for diamond dealers and retailers who are looking to enhance visual communication in the online space. With competitors 360 Diamond Photography solutions starting at over $10,000, Iconasys has been able to establish itself as an industry leader by offering solutions at less than 1/5th the cost, while maintaining very high quality image quality, higher resolution 360 Diamond Images and fast results.

Iconasys 360 Diamond Photography Solutions are designed for users of any skill level and are a one time purchase (no mandatory recurring fees), include a perpetual license (lifetime) and allow users to create unlimited and unbranded 360 diamond images forever. Iconasys 360 Diamond Photography Solutions  include:

  • Stand alone 360 Diamond Photography Software:
    • Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software (most popular)
    • Shutter Stream 360 Captureless Software
    • Iconasys 360 Product View Creator Software
  • Automated 360 Diamond Photography Turntables
    • Iconasys Silver Series 360 Jewelry Turntable (most popular)
    • Iconasys Silver Series MID Photography Turntable
  • Diamond photography Light Box’s
    • Iconasys Jewelry Photography Light Box (most popular)
    • LumiPad 360 Product Photography Lighting Kits
    • LumiPad 360 Product Photography Light Box

To learn more about equipment used to create the 360 Diamond Photography Example on the left, click here.

360 Diamond Photography Workflow Video


Click thumbnail below to view sample 360 diamond image:

Note, all examples below are CZ’s

360 Diamond Photography optimized for Online Diamond Trading Portals:

360 Diamond Photography for IDEX

360 Diamond Photography for RAPNET

360 Diamond Photography for POLYGON

Diamond Photography Solutions include:

360 Diamond Photography Turntable - 300w

360 Diamond Photography Turntable + Imaging Software

The Iconasys Silver Series 360 Jewelry Photography Turntable is a great option for 360 Diamond Photography and will allow users to easily and efficiently create 360 images in house in just minutes! included with the turntable package is the complete Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software Suite which will communicate with a compatible camera and turntable (both via USB) to automate the entire 360  diamond photography workflow. Users have the ability to shoot from 4-6,400 images per 360 rotation. Camera snap will be integrated with turntable movement in a turn, stop, snap workflow. Capturing 36 frames take ~1.5 minutes. Includes black and white platters. Can be used with the Iconasys Jewelry LED Studio or with any 3rd party lighting set up.

360 Diamond Photography Studio, Turntable & Imaging Software

Iconasys designs and manufactures a small scale Photography Light Box perfect for use the with the Silver Series 360 Jewelry Photography Turntable. This package includes Lighting, Software and Turntable and is ideal for users who are looking for a complete end to end 360 Diamond Photography solution.

This is designed for users of any skill level and will enable anyone on staff, regardless of experience, to create professional quality still and 360 diamond photos in just minutes. The light studio sports evenly diffused surround (bottom, back, front and top) LED lighting panels that use high CRI, daylight balanced bulbs, to ensure for maximum color accuracy. The turntable sits on the floor in the studio and the included Shutter Stream 360 Photography Software will automate the entire 360 diamond photography capture process by integrating turntable start/stop with camera snap. Users can shoot from 4-6,400 images per 360 rotation or shoot 360 Diamond Videos using the 360 video record more. Shutter Stream 360 Software will also automate the 360 image editing, processing and output processes. Output includes individual frames (JPG, PNG, TIFF & RAW image format), completely customizeable 360 Product Views (HTML5, GIF and MP4 format) and 360 Diamond Videos.

This 360 Diamond Photography set up includes free premium technical support, tutorials, videos and instructions to ensure can get maximum value and create high quality results.


360 Diamond Photography Set up -004

Create 360 Diamond Videos

In addition to 360 Diamond Photography, our turntables also support the creation of 360 Diamond Videos.

360 Diamond Videos are a great option for many selling channels and the video creation process is automated through our Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software when working with an Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable. Through the software, users simply define:

Spin Duration: The number of degrees to capture (ex. 360 = 1 full rotation)
Speed: Choose from 1 of 10 different speed settings
Direction: Clockwise or Counter clockwise

After 360 Diamond Video record settings have been set, users click start to automate the recording process and after capture is complete, the video will upload to the computer for viewing, editing and processing.

View 360 Diamond Video output

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