360 Diamond Photography

360 Diamond Photography

Create professional grade still and 360 Diamond Photography in seconds

360 Diamond Photography is an emerging trend for diamond dealers and retailers who are looking to enhance visual communication in the online space. Iconasys has set out to deliver not only the fastest, easiest and most professional solutions, but also some of the most affordable in the industry. Solutions include stand alone 360 turntable and software solutions in addition to turnkey lighting, turntable and software solutions. To get a better idea of how Iconasys 360 diamond photography solutions work, please see this real-time workflow video:


Click thumbnail below to view sample 360 diamond image:

Note, all examples below are CZ’s

360 Diamond Photography optimized for Online Diamond Trading Portals:

360 Diamond Photography for IDEX

360 Diamond Photography for RAPNET

360 Diamond Photography for POLYGON

Diamond Photography Solutions include:

360 Jewelry Photography Turntable 0001

360 Diamond Photography Turntable + Imaging Software

The Iconasys 360 Diamond Photography Turntable will allow users to easily and efficiently create 360 images in house in just minutes! included with the turntable package is the complete Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software Suite which will communicate with a compatible camera and turntable (both via USB) to automate the entire 360  diamond photography workflow. Users have the ability to shoot from 4-200 images per 360 rotation. Camera snap will be integrated with turntable movement in a turn, stop, snap workflow. Capturing 36 frames take ~1.5 minutes. Includes black and white platters. Can be used with the Iconasys Jewelry LED Studio or with any 3rd party lighting set up.

360 Diamond Photography Studio, Turntable & Imaging Software

Iconasys designs and manufactures Photography Lightboxes perfect for use the with 360 Diamond Photography turntable. This package is ideal for users of any skill level and will enable anyone on staff, regardless of experience, to create professional quality still and 360 photos. The light studio sports evenly diffused surround (bottom, back, front and top) CCFL + LED lighting panels that use high CRI, daylight balanced bulbs, to ensure for maximum color accuracy. This package also includes black background panels for shooting diamonds on a black background. Included Shutter Stream 360 Software will automate the entire 360 diamond photography workflow.


360 diamond imaging camera system

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