Hy-Vee Case Study: Product Photography Automation Software

Hy-Vee is an employee owned corporation who ranks among the top 25 supermarket chains and the top 50 private companies in the United States. Since their first store opened in 1930, Hy-Vee has been able to grow annual revenues to $9.3 Billion and operates more than 240 stores in in seven Midwestern states.

Hy-Vee approached Iconasys in July, 2014 as part of their Aisles Online initiative. Aisles Online sought to provide customers the ability to shop online – just as they would shop in person, then items would be available for pickup or delivery.

Hy-Vee Product Photography Automation Software: Case Study

Problem: How to Efficiently Create High Quality Product Images with White Backgrounds?

One of the biggest considerations in the Aisles Online initive was the digitization process. More specifically, how to shoot hundreds of thousands of SKU’s while achieving efficiencies, consistent angles, high quality results and white backgrounds.

After a short consultation, Hy-Vee understood Shutter Stream Product Photography Automation Software was going to be the perfect tool for their requirements. Shutter Stream would enable the Hy-Vee Photography Staff to create high quality images with white backgrounds, while increasing overall workflow efficiencies by about 800% compared to standard shooting workflows.

The ability to create high quality images using Shutter Stream is a breeze. – Beau Scott – Hy-Vee Staff Photographer
Hy-Vee case study - Product Photography Automation Software
Beau Scott - Hy-Vee
Staff Photographer

Hy-Vee's Favorite Features

  1. Automated Background Removal – ‘The editing ability to knock out white background is very helpful and has been indispensable for our photography requirements.’ says Scott. Learn More
  2. Image Overlay Tool – This tool allows Hy-Vee to ensure correct product placement and positioning. Scott says ‘Before implementing Shutter Stream, this task would have been next to impossible.’ Learn More
  3. Pre-Crop – “Almost every single image we shoot requires pre-cropping.” says Scott. He continues, “being able to do this while in the real time preview and when clicking snap, the crop effect is instantly applied. This is a huge time saver as it eliminates the need for this step in post-production image editing.” Learn More
  4. Automated Capture + Instant Feedback – Scott says “I really like the feedback after I click Snap in the software. The image is instantly uploaded for review within a second or so. This way, we can ensure the image is perfect before we proceed to our next shot.” Learn More
  5. Batch Image Saving, Renaming & Resizing – All images are output at 600 px wide. We use the Batch Saving tool to Batch rename and resize all images. Its like Iconasys really understands our requirements and have all the tools in place to allow us to achieve maximum workflow efficiencies. Learn More
Hy-Vee Product Photography Automation Software: Case Study 01
Hy-Vee Product Photography Automation Software: Case Study 02
Hy-Vee Product Photography Automation Software: Case Study3

While Hy-Vee is unable to put a total cost savings amount since implementing Shutter Stream into their Product photography workflow, they can confirm the automated workflow and processes from Shutter Stream has saved them tens of thousands of dollars

Thanks to Beau Scott and Hy-Vee for their continued support! Wishing you continued success with the Aisles Online initiative.

Learn more about Shutter Stream Product Photography Automation Software for the Packaged Products

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