Case Study: L’Orenta Nuts Adopts 360 Product Images

When asked about if Sam would recommend Iconasys: “It's definitely a product that I would highly recommend. And I’d suggest that every company, big or small should look into adding 360 product images to their website.”
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Sam Henselijn - L'Orenta Nuts

Listen to the Case Study Interview:

L’Orenta Nuts is a leading retailer and wholesaler of nuts, candy, chocolates and gift sets. They approached Iconasys in April 2021 as they were interested in taking the product images on their website to the next level and offering 360 product images. They felt 360 product shots would prove to be not only a differentiator in the industry, but also one that would help increase conversion rates. After a short consultation they decided an Iconasys 360 Photography Turntable, Riser and Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software would be a great fit with their existing photography lighting and camera. Since their purchase of their Iconasys 360 Product Photography Equipment and Software, they have shot and implemented hundreds of 360 product images into their website (see 360 example here).

L'Orenta Nuts: 360 Product Images

Transcription of the L’Orenta Nuts 360 Product Images Case Study

Darian Muresan (Iconasys CTO): This is Darian Muresan. I’m the CTO of Iconasys and I am here with Sam Henselijn to briefly talk about how the introduction of 360 product photography has impacted Sam’s business and any feedback that he may have on creating 360 product photography. Sam thank you so much for joining us.

Sam Henselijn (L’Orenta Nuts, CEO): Thank you for having me.

Darian: OK to begin with, can you tell us a little bit about your business, the type of work you do and any information about your company background?

Sam: Yeah, the company name is L’Orenta Nuts and we mainly sell nuts, candy, chocolates and gift sets online and in wholesale packaging. In the last year and have really put a lot of emphasis on our E-commerce website and more specifically product images. 360 product photography is a key feature that we have implemented on the website in order to showcase products on our website a lot better than the conventional way that we used to.

Darian: Now, did you use anything else before? Did you do any 360 product photography manually? And why did you choose Iconasys?

Sam: I looked at some of your competitors, but we’d never done 360 product photography before but we wanted to do it affordably. The reason we chose the Iconasys solution was its an out of the box solution that is just so much easier and hassle free compared to the other methods that we found. Iconasys turned out to provide a plug and play solution that really worked well with our existing workflow and provided the efficiencies we were looking for to create and upload hundreds of 360 product shots

Darian: OK, good and how many 360 products views would you say you are creating per day, per week or per month

SamWell, we we’ll implement them into our website in different batches. We’re currently shooting about 30 to 40 products in 360 a week then uploading them to our site at the end of the week. This helps us to keep the website and operations running smooth – rather than just uploading one at a time. We probably have about 6000 total products on our website, so it will take a little time to get every product live with 360 product photography.

Darian: I see. And what kind of impact do you expect from 360 product photography in terms of number of sales or minimizing returns or increased sales? What are your expectations?

Sam: Our expectations mainly was customer convenience and providing an extra service to the customer. Will sales go up? We’re not sure that’s not the reason why we got it. We just wanted to provide our customer with another way of looking at the products. There’s so many companies online sell the same products or similar products where customers have bad experiences with. And they may automatically see a product that looks similar and maybe associates that bad product or experience with our brand and website. So this is another way for us to showcase look. Here’s the 360. Here’s everything that you get, not just the front looks pretty, but everything looks good, everything is high quality and it gives the customer a full look of what they’re purchasing before they make the purchase.

Darian: OK good. Now have you had a chance to work with the Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software?

Sam: I did, I did.

Darian: Are there any features that you particularly liked or that that were time savers, or that that helped you streamline your workflow?

Sam: I was pleasantly surprised that the amount of shots that you take, right? Let’s say you take 36 frames for your one full 360 product shot. I like how the software automatically edits all the images with one press of a button so you don’t have to sit there and edit every single picture on its own. So that that’s a feature that I really, really appreciate it.

Darian: Nice, OK, so ease of use.

Sam: Yes

Darian: Good, have you done any timing as to how long it would take you to do. For example, creating a 360 product shot?

Sam: Uh, yeah I personally played with it for a little bit and it’s very fast. You just set the product up, you set up your camera and I would say start to finish with set up it’s probably a couple of minutes to shoot the 360 product image set.

Darian: If there was a way to describe the value added by having or by employing deploying the Iconasys 360 product photography solution, do you have any estimates on that, or the value it brought to your business or its impact? If so, is there a way for you to monetize it.

Sam: I think it’s hard to monetize it right? Because we have so many transactions already coming in before 360 views and so many transactions coming out after 360 views but I think for any company that is truly an ecommerce company or website and is trying to put a lot of value on their customer user experience and the way things look, and if you’re proud of your product, I think 360 product photography definitely has to be part of your website. You know it’s easy to just take a stock image and put that on your website, but with this you’re truly showing your product, your brand and it gives another way for your customer to interact with your products. You know just to spin it around, they spin it around for 2/3 seconds, but it’s an extra two or three seconds they’re on your product page and it might increase your chances of the customer actually buying your product, because they’re interacting more with your product than just looking at an image.

Darian: OK, and the last question. Would you recommend an Iconasys 360 Product Photography Turntable and Software to others?

Sam: I would, I think, for the value that you’re getting and the price that you’re paying, which is really minimum if you’re an ecommerce website, we pretty much spent the money and probably got it back the next day. It’s definitely a product that I would highly recommend. And I’d suggest that every company, big or small should look into adding 360 product images to their website.

Darian: Sam, thank you so much. If anyone is interested in your products or services or anything, what would be a good way for someone to get in touch with you?

Sam: They can go to or they can visit They will both load to the same website.

Darian: Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time and thank you.

Sam: Yeah, no problem, you have a great day!

A big thanks to Sam at L’Orenta Nuts for participating in this case study!

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