Grant Simeon Photographe: 360 Product Imaging as a Service

When asked about why the move to 360 Product Imaging as a Service: “If you dont evolve as a studio, you wont survive”
Grant Simeon - 360 product imaging as a service case study
Grant Simeon - Grant Siméon Photographe
Senior Creative Director

Listen to the 360 Product Images Case Study Interview:

Grant Simeon Photographe is a commercial photography and graphic design studio located in Sherbrook, Quebec Canada. After an in-depth information search, Grant Simeon found Iconasys 360 Product Imaging Turntables and Software which appeared to be the best and most efficient offering available for 360 Product Imaging. Since implementing the 360 solution in their commercial photography studio, they are now able to create web-ready 360 product images in just minutes. This has provided them confidence to take on larger 360 product imaging jobs and advance their service offerings.

Grant Simeon Photographe is part of the Iconasys Trusted Professionals Network and offers 360 Product Photography Services

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